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NSW Busted for lane splitting

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tony749, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. I got pulled over for lane splitting on the M4 this morning. Normally I filter by the book, though sometimes bend the rules, so I was prepared to cop it sweet if he had the goods on me but I wasn't going to bend over for a trumped up ticket.Fortunately I remembered the advice on here.

    The cop asked "do you know why I've pulled you over?" no
    "Lane splitting. That's an offense. Did you know it's an offense?".

    I had to think about that. Giving the correct answer may fail the attitude test so I said nothing.

    He said "You know. You stopped doing it when you saw me. It's not only an offense, it's dangerous. A few days back a bloke fell off under the wheels of a truck. What do you think a 44 tonne truck does...."

    By now I'm thinking, this is guy is a fountain of bullsh_t but I just bite my tongue. Then he checks my rego sticker. WFT?

    Anyway, he didn't write me a ticket. Just a lecture.I suspect he didn't see me commit an offense, he just saw me in front of car X then I was suddenly in front of car Y and he filled in the gaps with 'lane splitting'.
  2. we have differing definitions for "busted"
  3. sounds like a prick of a cop who doesn't know for sure that you did anything wrong, just suspects that you did do something wrong and was hoping you'd be stupid enough to admit guilt.

    Kudos to you for not being stupid.

    Oh, I agree with spenze, you didn't bet busted, you just got harassed is all.
  4. Fair enough. It took me back to school days, getting busted for things which aren't against the rules.

    They were having a crackdown this morning. The place was crawling with pigs picking on bikes.
  5. Unfortunately, I think the 'lane filtering trial' may have highlighted to the police an untapped source of revenue or at the very least gives them another invalid reason to harass us.