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VIC Busted for lane Filtering

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by cossie, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. I got nicked for lane filtering through stationary traffic at lights this morning. :eek:

    It was a 2 lane highway and the lights were on red as I approached, with about 15 stationary cars in each lane. I filtered at a sensible speed (40ish I think) to the front but half way down was a marked cop car. I didnt think he'd get me but as I pulled off from the front (again at sensible speed) He came roaring through from the right hand turning lane, which he must have snuck into to get to the front, lights blazing and pulled me over.

    The copper was the biggest wanker I have ever come across, started asking me about my display of "reckless riding" and what made me so special that I could go to the front etc etc. I told him it was for my own safety as I am vulnerable on a bike and could get collected from behind. He asked if he should drive over the nature strip in future to get to the front because he was vulnerable? :roll:

    I bit my tongue the whole time and was all 'yes sir, no sir, I'm so sorry, I dont know what came over me' but we both knew it was bollocks and I would carry on lanesplitting ther moment he was out of sight!

    Anyway he "let me off with a warning", after lecturing me about dangerous riding :roll:

    Anyone else been nicked for filtering stationary traffic? Is it actually even a proper offence?
  2. Well at least he wasn't enough of a wanker to fine you. Slap on the wrist = yay!
  3. It's an offence if you cross lines without indicating or pass cars on the left (if they are stationary or slow) in Vic
  4. Problem is that after he carried on like a pork chop about it, I was so late for work I had to lane split the rest of the way at twice my normal speed to make up the time! :p

    Does anyone here actually not lane filter? May as well take the car if you're gonna ride like you're in one!
  5. I think this would be an appropriate thread for people who have been fined for filtering to tell us about it(unless there has already been one).

    I would really like to know how many riders out there have been done for it. And what is the fine by the way?
  6. I don't lane split, and never have (though i've only been on my l's for about 2 months)
  7. this is worth a look at

  8. In Vic, i'd say it would come under "Improper overtaking or passing" which means 2 demerit points + fine

    i could be wrong though
  9. No one seems to know exactly what you legally can do.
    Thats all the info ive been able to gather about lane splitting.

    And realistically, there is no difference between splitting and filtering. Same shite, different colour, still tastes the same.

    I split every morning and night, i commute to work and if i happen to see a copper, i stop splitting.
    You may have been lucky to get away with a slap on the wrist, so the guy wasnt a complete wanker.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Does this mean that you cannot filter between 2 lines of traffic going in the same direction? I asked this because if you filter between 2 cars in the same direction there will always be a car on your right. And they can always get you for passing on the right side of traffic.
  11. Yes i lanesplit.
    And no i haven't been busted.
    I'm sure i've done it in front of cops before too (more from lack of noticing them than anything else) without any reaction from them - it really depends on what sort of a day they've had and whether they're in the mood to dish out the sort of full-of-shite lecture you apparently got.
    I mean the size/width/agility of a motorbike allows you to take on all sorts of moves you can't contemplate in a car - and yet they still throw stupid car-related analogies at you (driving over the nature strip).
    I like your attitude mate.

  12. I dont really understand that :? Is it saying that I can lanesplit if I'm indicating? Can I lanesplit If I stay in the same lane as the vehicle on my left instead of riding on the line?
  13. Nope, don't lanesplit....well....I don't even ride, yet :oops:

    Just got my learners a few days ago here in VIc. We talked about splitting during the course because the Vicroads book is so vauge about it. Turns out its vauge for a reason. The instructor claimed that splitting was only illegal in moving traffic but legal in Vic for stationary traffic. Its just that Vicroads don't like it and try to avoid encouraging the practice by not being clear about it.
  14. I was advised by a motorcycle copper to have my indicator on. If you pass to the right of a car (in his lane) with the indicator on, then he gave me every impression that that would suffice.

    BTW, opinions differ, but 40kmh as a differential speed is more than I would feel comfortable doing. I generally would not split past a cop car unless I was sure I was doing it safely so as to not give them reason. Or, do it in such a way that they'd never see me again :)

  15. hey mate, you just wait and see and you will be filtering in no time. i said the same thing when i started riding but after riding with other people and them getting away by filtering, i had to do it to keep up
  16. Funny, just this morning I split up to the front at a set of lights on exhibition street in the city only to pull up right next to an unmarked intercepter. I didn't so much as get a look from either of the coppers in it...
    I'd say it probably comes down to whether the cop in question has been laid in the last 10 years or not..
  17. I've never split.....cause i don't ride during the week, only weekends when i'm in no rush anyway.

    If it was weekdays and i'm going to and from work then hell yeah i would do it!
  18. In practice that's pretty much it. However if you can manage to remain within the marked lane (on the right side of the car in your lane) and STILL maintain an adequate distance from it (1.5m has been suggested but I'd have to check), then you might be able to mount a successful legal defence.
    In Vic at the moment, it seems to be that they only really enforce this stuff when they're on a blitz in a particular area. Otherwise they tend to let it go.
    As always, it comes down to whether the officer feels like taking it any further.

  19. Where is it possible that you ride for 2 cars and a bike to be in the same lane? I can't say I know of any 'normal' roads to have lanes that wide? :shock:
  20. Gees, you got pulled over by a wanker.

    About two weeks ago, I was lane-splitting and filtering with a cop on his bimmer. Once we were in front of all the cars, we nodded to each other. Before the light changed, we saw a lady in Landrover talking to her mobile passing in front of us. I shook my head. He gave me another nod, put siren on, and safely merged to get that 4wd.

    I was pretty impressed.