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NSW Busted filtering in Lilyfiled this morning

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Voz, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Cop on a bike coming the other way noticed me filtering traffic at the intersection where Lilyfield light rail is located.

    I crossed the intersection on the way to Sydney CBD and started passing stopped traffic in the left lane on the left, I thought this was legally ok, then the traffic started moving and I finished my overtaking on the left and moved into the lane proper.

    At this point he had made a U turn and started following, I continued unaware and was clearly lane splitting slow moving cars unaware of him as I did not notice him. I saw in in my GoPro footage after the event.

    He caught up with me just before the entry to the Anzac bridage and pulled me up. I feely admitted my actions and he gave me a ticket for "Overtake to left of vehicle" Offence Code # 64265 $165 + 2 points and a caution for lane splitting after the first offence.

    He was a pretty reasonable guy, apart from giving me any ticket at all, said he could have also done me for lane splitting about $235 + 2 points. Told me to send a letter to State Debt to see if I could get leniency for a good driving history. Told me to put in the letter that I was overtaking stationary vehicles. Said he reckoned this would work out ok and only told me this as he thought I was very reasonable in my dealings with him.

    Also requested that I turn my hemet mounted GoPro off. I left it on and put my helmet on the ground.

    He also told me that the cops have just added 13 new bikes to the CBD area with a specific focus on pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes and general traffic offences.

    2 points now left on my red P's unless I can send a letter and request leniency.

  2. what the shit
  3. From Road Rules NSW 2008 [Part 11, Division 3]:
    Should this happen in the future, politely decline. If a reason is demanded, mention that you record every moment of your commute. If pushed further, state it's perfectly legal to record interactions with law enforcement officers, and you wish to protect yourself against any misunderstandings. Ensure your statement and his response are on record.

    Best of luck (y)
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  4. Alex he was overtaking slow moving cars as he said. I would've said "Oh but they started a new trial of lane splitting so its legal now! I heard it on the news! I don't normally do it but now its allowed..." And play dumb when he says its due to start next year...
  5. He gave you a ticket.

    He's a prick.

    Yes, definitely a prick.
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  6. I did not want to be an ass over the GoPro thing as he was well within his rights to fine me for lane splitting that occured after the initial offence.

    I noted he wrote overtake on the left and I thought no problem, I can work with that because if I can prove that I overtook a stationary vehicle on the left within the lane then it should be ok. He even suggested put in my letter that the cars I overtook were stationary. As I said, he was reasonable and quite helpful but it would have been nice just to get the caution.

    Even though I overtook on the left, there is a solid line on the left that I would have crossed so technically it was not safe to overtake on the left, maybe?

    You can see the cop in the right hand corner coming the opposite way in the last 2 pics.

    Attached Files:

  7. So the Constable pulled a probably risky U turn to bust you for something thats probably going to be legal in 2 months.There are plenty of stuff requiring his attention than this.I find it intersting how bike cop really look for bike busts.
  8. I suppose pointing out to him that he is free to leave if he doesn't want to get recorded counts as a "fail" on the attitude test?
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  9. The cop said that as part of his normal run in the morning he runs loops and turns around anyway and comes back over the Anzac bridge. I have no idea where he did the U turn and can only presume it was safe.

    He indicated that the more serious offence was the lane splitting whilst traffic was moving but as I was reasonable with him that he decided to give me the lessor of the offences. From the pics I think you can see even given that cars were stationary that there was a unbroken white and yellow line that I had to cross to overtake on the left. I certainly will not be sending these pics in with my claim for leniency, lol.
  10. Yes, but the ticket was for filtering, not splitting. He can assert it in his appeal.
    That's why I qualified my statement with 'In future'. You could have received worse treatment.

    Voz, keep any potentially self-incriminating details to yourself until the outcome of the appeal is known. It would be advisable to go through your existing posts in this thread, too.
  11. His job is to enforce the Law. What vehicle he is in is uttlery irrelevant.

    The OP has acknowedged that he was at least pushing the envelope of lane-splitting, rushing to his defence when he's not doing it seems to be a waste of electons.....
  12. What is the definitive word on this situation? What is any officers reasoning in the first place? Police record their traffic stops.
  13. Cop 101.

    Say that they could give you a bigger fine and tell you to write a letter to the SDRO.

    This was not reasonable action. You got rooted.
  14. I personally don't think it's good practice to filter in this position anyway. Maybe he would have turn a blind eye if you were in the middle.
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  15. Yes they get their rocks off on giving out tickets. they even go back to the station and brag about it, but face to face they need to soften the impact due to the lack of belief that they are actually doing the right thing.
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  16. The cop said bikes don't have cameras on board.
  17. This is interesting. Being a rider himself, he might be in favour of the rules being changed, pending the upcoming trial in the CBD. Not so helpful to you if the fine is upheld, though.
  18. You may have got away with it if you hadn't been in the very far left of the left lane. Passing stationary/moving off traffic in any other lane would have been a lot safer. where you were doing it was OK but if you get into the habit of "undertaking" in the far left you'll get hit by drivers turning left at junctions and veering left for any number of reasons.
    First offence should get you a reduction though if you turn up in a suit and grovel.
  19. I understand, I will edit in a few days.
  20. Yeah this was my point. Not only that filtering between lanes give you more places to escape and doesn't scare drivers as much.