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Busted Bike Riders being naughty (Vid)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Oct 29, 2004.

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  2. everyone keep an eye out for the guy riding a bike with tattoos on both arms and glasses....... :shock:

    what a sh!tty generalisation!
  3. I love the American commentator ‘the bikes didn't seem to have number-plates, that might have been deliberate’. Really, you think so :idea:
  4. funny stuff

    :D i found it entertaining,i know its dangerous however they conveyed it like it was a murder scene,
    i know so many riders with tatts and dark glasses.
    :p i like the stunts though!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm surprised that the bikers feld by foot. I would have thought that those bikes could run most police cars...
  6. hahahahahhahahah.... YOUR KIDDING ME!?!?!?!

    they haven't thought for ONE second that they may be professional stunt riders or at least know wat they are doing...

    thats a joke, for all they know that footage could be from 1990 *looks at footage again*
    but i swear that isnt an R1... hehehe
  7. If the law don't get 'em then Darwin will!
  8. Hahahaahah.....that funny "endangering the lives of other citizens.....blah blah blah....."

    What a load of s*%t. If they fall off then its their own stupid fault but dont feed me the endangering others crap. Clearly they knew what they were doing, but no doubt one day they'll f&^k it up. As matt said darwin will get them eventually.
  9. That gal's got balls galore. Man... doin that in a singlet (and with a man with tat's!!!) WHAT WAS SHE THINKING... endangering the poor wittle shitizens. Very cool, 8) gotta admit the guy with the camera did well too.
  10. :LOL: lol grouse looks like they had a lot of fun that day.
    Only wish I had half the skills to ride like that lol, for the gal well if you have trust with the riders skill not much to it :).
    Also someone mentioned glasses a lot of guys wear glasses and ride a whole letter better than guys who don't :p, all skill :)
  11. Hehehe, what an American beat up story!
    Endangering the lives of others. They were out on a open country highway. The only lives they were endangering were their own.

    But you got to hand it to them........ damn good riding :)
  12. For those that were wanting to know what a Squid was.... There's your answer. :roll:

    P.S. Note to self....... go and buy a ZX10R! :D
  13. Probably pretty stupid what they were donig...but...I like the mono with the chick standing on the pillion footpegs. Never seen that before.
  14. Now that is FUNNY...... What a bunch of toss bags!!!!! THe news and police that is...

    For christ sakes, they sell these video's across the world and nobody bloody complains!!!!
  15. I resemble that remark!!
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  17. Ouch, busted poor bugger.
  18. Hey ZRX1200R you look familiar have we met? pmsl!
  19. I would have gone with Stupid Barstard or Squid, he's not getting an ounce of my sympathy. Happy to see him locked away so he stops giving the rest of us a bad name.
  20. Your a hard hard hard man Matt. Its good to see vids of those guys doing shit that I can only dream of. You are right, but the kid in me (the irresponsible one) loves it :shock: 8)