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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guru, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. So last night around 9pm I went to return a dvd.
    Coming back from the store along Princes Hwy about to go through a roundabout, a Nissan350Z(stupid Porsche lookalike) rushes through(not quite cutting me off but was a bit cheeky on his part).

    So with no other cars around I think what the hell, lets catch him up and see what hes got so I roll on the throttle and he gases it abit. Were both cruising at a easy 95km/h in a 60zone, then BAM out of nowhere it happens. A cop car comes out of absolutely nowhere, and I mean nowhere, I use this road everyday to go home and back and there is nowhere for a cop to sit and pick you off.

    The Nissan takes off and I'm left there shitting my pants with the cop on my arse as I turn right at a roundabout. I had a heart attack to go with the shit in my pants. The cop has his lights going and siren blaring and I'm thinking f*%k I'm a gonner with the chance of losing my car license too. So I go through the roundabout as slow as possible, almost pushing the bike through then calmly pull over into the shoulder making sure I indicate correctly etc, and then wtf, he turns his lights and siren off and turns into some side street at a leisurely speed.

    I went from not being able to use any motorvehicle for the next 3-6 months almost laughing all the way home in a matter of seconds.

    So whats the moral off the story, dont speed more than 30km/h over the limit, then you'll be fine :)

  2. Hope u bought a lottery ticket after that neil lol
  3. Lol nah Nath went straight home to change my pants.
  4. WRONG

    Pick your spots better :LOL: :p
  5. Ur such a speed deamon! Learn to ride at the speed limit and keep those undies clean :LOL:
  6. 30 horsepower per tonne more than you, including weight of driver/rider and fluids. :LOL:

    I'm sure I don't have to tell you (especially not now), but the traffic police patrol the crap out of Wollongong city at night, more than any other city I've lived in so far... Not worth the risk. :)

    Re Stewy:
    For my sportscar club (and my own personal riding), urban/town speed limits are sacrosanct, no matter how 'spirited' our driving is out in the unpopulated areas. I agree; pick times/places better. ;)
  7. [-X
    +1 at getting a lottery ticket
  8. Did you at least get a fine due to the lateness of your DVD?

    I hate it when people do that!
  9. Lol nah, got there before it closed. Left just before 9.
  10. LOL says you speedking. Ill ride at the limit once you get your speedometer fixed! :p
  11. Nah, he's just got your plate already, and a ticket's in the mail. Will probably tack on an evasion of police charge as well, just for giggles, since he never pulled you over. For the next two to three weeks now, you're going to be shitting yourself every time you walk to the letterbox.

    Edit: I hope I'm wrong - but it's just how my paranoid mind works.
  12. You r so lucky mate! :eek:hno: Wonder why he left you alone?
  13. Well either Flux is right, or it was a domestic or a house call they were attending. If flux is right, you'd think they would have taken the main road back to the station, but they went into some side side street so hopefully it was a just a housecall they were in a hurry to get to.
  14. what was the dvd you rented?
  15. Forgetting sarah marshall. Over rated movie I thought.
  16. well if the cop knew that you had rented that movie he would have given you a fine and a kick in the bawz.
    forget about it.consider it a 'hey dumbarse,check yourself and behave' kinda response.ive gotten similar responses from cops before with no consequence.and it works...generally
  17. Haha yeah might take it easy for a while.

    But i reckon(hopefully) it was coincidence cause there really is nowhere for them to stop and wait with the radar, so it was prolly a call out in that area so hes just come flying over the crest, hence how he crept up on us.
  18. Not really!

    7.1: Minimum driver's licence suspension periods for speeding offences
    Speed of your vehicle Minimum period of licence suspension
    25-34 kph over the speed limit 1 month
    35-44 kph over the speed limit 6 months
    45 kph or more over the speed limit 12 months
    Any speed of 130 kph or more not already covered in the points above 1 month
  19. I agree, its the let offs you remember which makes you slow down. The times you get fined just pisses you off.

    The only time ive ever got out of anything or had any leniancy was with cops who were old blokes, like 45+, they had obviously seen it all. Young pricks and the middle aged dudes that dont get sex are the worst.