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Business Cards - reposted

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Knightrider, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Hey Mods,

    Did we have any takers on the Netrider business cards?

    I think this thread may have been lost in the big crash of 04/05 a few weeks back....
  2. They wouldn't be business cards, they'd be promo cards. The general question is, will those that want them be willing to pay for them? Netrider doesn't make any profits and we can't afford to be buying lots of these. If those that are wanting them, are willing to pay for them (cost price only of course, say a few $ per 50 etc.) then we can look at them further.

    The take-up on things like the number plate frames etc. leaves us very un-excited about additional merchandise/purchasing items. People say they're interested and want them, but when it comes time to actual commitment, the numbers are a lot less.
  3. Hey Admins,
    Alternativley, are people able to use the netrider logo and make up their own? A few people might have access to make up some business cards (or promo cards) at work ;)
  4. Hmm, a simple idea would be to make a template, maybe as a pdf or something, one b/w and colour. Then people can print them out, cut it up and keep em in their wallets for when they meet riders.
  5. Perhaps a downloadable Promo kit with a word or PDF file you can print and cut up, then hand those cards out. That should also limit having to give 'general permission' (what ever the term is in IP) to use the logo.
  6. HEY!!! Stop steeling my intellectual property. :D
  7. You can buy sheets of blank perforated business cards at Officeworks which run happily through your normal inkjet printer - they have different sizes but I have found them very convenient at times.

    I use Publisher to design them but you could use word no worries I suspect.
  8. oi, intellectual property created three minutes earlier than you buddy :p


    Oh and about the IP for the cards, may I suggest maybe creative commons. An example is I use this one for my web journal.
  9. I do the same but Publisher isn't as widely available so printing it to a PDF would be the way to. I've got a PDF printer so Happy to PDFize it but my graphic design skills (or lack of) is best kept away from the design stage.
  10. In which time I was out registering with the patent office. :p
  11. We wouldn't allow the logo to be taken and used on whatever people like for obvious reasons of IP and protectionism, but as you and others have said (a good idea!) we could make a final design available in PDF, or similar, for people to print out. Although print out on standard paper and giving to people doesn't look so good, so we may still take the route of getting proper cards printed and charging a couple of dollars for 50/100 of them - whatever good cost pricing we can get.

    A competition has been opened looking for people to submit a design for the Netrider promotion cards :) See https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4146 for full details :)
  12. Happy to pay for some!

    P.S. My design skills are crap....