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Bushwalking in 'proper' riding boots

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gecko, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. When I ride down to Kinglake National Park / Marysville or somewhere equally nice sometimes a try and get out for a bit of a walk in the bush. My bike boots are leather hiking boots so I have no trouble getting around. I was just wondering if how easy would it be for others who have proper bike boots? I've seen some that are all leather to others that have heaps of plastic knobs etc on them? Anyone tried any hour+ hiking in these?

  2. i bought myself those rossi boots with air cushioned soles. awesome to walk in, can be on my feet for hours with no problems. they have a much thicker sole than any other motorbike boots i've ever seen. i'd hate to have a shot at walking in those race style boots, they look like they're made for 1 purpose only....
  3. My Alpine Stars are quite comfortable to spend the whole day in but I doubt they'd be any good to use for a one hour hike. I also don't think I'd be too comfortable hiking in my leathers.
  4. Hey,

    Hiking in my riding boots would be a NO goer..Sometimes I just carry a bag with other shoes in them....But it is a pain in the arse

    Lisa :twisted:
  5. i have the BMW street sneakers


    very comfortable and good protection.

    i have walked 10 - 15 ks in one day in these things and the gave good arch and heel support.

    although i do have a pair of SIDI vertibra and if you walk for more than 10 mins in them they will cripple you for life - excellent bike boots though.
  6. lol I'm el cheapo and use my issued terra boots when I go riding so long walks are fine, once you've spent 1000 hours wearing them in that is :)
  7. My Alpinestars have an adjustable calf velco flap. Quite comfy to walk in but as the soles are reinforced not great over too many rough surfaces. Spent 3 days at the GP in them though, no dramas.
  8. Mine would feel like bushwalking in gumboots