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BUshido accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bushido, May 19, 2009.

  1. Had a similar thing happen to me yesterday afternoon coming home from uni. Not sure whos fault it was but I collided with a little echo and managed to put a huge dent in the passenger door. car came out of nowhere while I was changing lanes. Thing was there was no damage to my bike so it must have been my elbow guard in my jacket. hmmmm funny though. It happened around a corner on Victoria road near Top Ryde and I swore I was going to fall off and slide before getting crushed my some car. But fortuneatly it was just a little wobble and I straigtened up. We both pulled over at the next left and the driver gets out of the car. OMG she was a cutie asking me whether I was alright and saying how she had a massive fright when she hit me. Exchanged details rego etc and phone numbers and off I was away.

    *Mod - please start new threads for your own accidents in future or I will delete rather than split/move the thread. Thank you*

  2. Good effort! :grin:
  3. lol but Im beginning to think that she is coming back to bite me on the ass. And not in any sort of randy/kinky way. Insurance company called today and told me I was at fault. It was obviously recorded that I accepted I was at fault so yeh.. Im not sure whether I am but my mates say I am. They then proceeded to ask me whether I had insurance or not and I said yes. Few minutes later the insurance person said she couldnt find my policy from the rego I gave them so I told them I would come home to check and call back tomorrow. Gave them the wrong rego :oops: . My question is now that I have accepted that I am at fault, only having 3rd party property damage, what happens from here? DO I have to pay a (completely ridiculous) excess?

    EDIT: forgot to mention that I havent submitted a claim as niether myself or the bike sustained any damage
  4. Depends on your policy conditions. Best to check your PDS.
    You should never admit that you were at fault, always put it through your insurer. You will have to lodge a claim with your insurer and notify them of the incident.
  5. Quote....I reckon the car was at fault...Quote

    Did the car split/filter or the rider?
  6. Car was probably behind me when I was indicating to change lanes. More probable was the fact that the car sped across two lanes to get into the left most lane(where contact happened). Honestly I dont think she could have caught up to me if she wasnt speeding since I was first at the last set of lights and took off. Last time I saw her she was a few cars behind. Maybe changed lanes at the same time. If I manoveured first dont I have right of way?
  7. This is why you want to lodge a claim and explain the events as far as you are aware. It is then up to the claims assessor to decide liability.
  8. question I have, is if damages are less than your (most likely) excessive excess (haha) can you just pay the damages and get away with a clean claim record then? This is where prudence comes into it for claiming etc.

    In 3rd party situation you have to fight HARD to get anywhere. Never claim fault ever (even if you are at fault)... insurance will figure that out.

    You will learn a lto from this process now very quickly.

    Some tips I wrote a while ago:

    These tips probably apply for any claim of damages...

    but if it is a traffic accident, include photos of the accident location, highlighting important features etc, and draw very clear (CAD them if you can - at least rule them) drawings of step by step what happened in the incident. If you do this in a hurry in 5 minutes you deserve to lose your pay out. The statement my cager wrote was a joke, and I suspect he wrote it after he saw my statement or was told what to write from the insurance company. (Dodgy yes.. plausible I don't know)

    Also be very careful what you say to insurance companies on the phone etc. ie. don't reveal anything pertinent to the accident. Do it in writing and with drawings you have mulled over for a while. If they ask for info tell them to look at the documents you have sent them again, if you haven't done that yet then tell them to wait until you have. They record the phone stuff just in case... though in court I don't believe that is legally binding?

    Also... for any documentation where you are negotiating claims or in other words cash payouts, use the notation 'Without Prejudice Save As To Costs' on all pages. This negates the documents being used in court against you (ie. statement of events). Kind of like dealing for an out of court settlement, that evidence can't be used at court. It also acts as the bonus of making them think you are more legal than you probably are.

    Keep excellent records of anything to do with the incident and following correspondence whether by phone, in person etc. Date and time everything. This is crucial if you go to court etc. Paper trail is tantamount to evidence. Most people don't do it. Then they are stuffed. If you are sending letter after letter with no response, keep copies and show that later on if needed. Make sure you know who you are talking to... ie people will pose as insurance to get information out of you - it has happened to a friend of mine.

    Lying in any of this is likely to f@*% you in the arse. Don't do it.

    edit - victorian here so take that as appropriate.
  9. It's not very nice trust me :) Specially when its your knee, ankle and oggy knob VS front quarter panel.

  10. With the two insurance companies i've used the excess was $500 but if you were under 25 there was another $400 on top of that. it should say it on your bill.

    But you can come to some sort of agreement of having a higher excess and a lower premium hope you didn't do that!
  11. Now onto more important matters....


    You know, so we can assess the situation! :grin:

    Time to turn a negative into a positive, accident = negative, girl = ......... (OP to fill in details after attempting to tune) :grin: :grin:
  12. Why on earth, then, did you admit fault on the phone to the insurance company? Never, ever, for any reason, even if it is blantantly obvious to everyone involved, admit fault. Don't do it people! Don't even say the word "sorry"!

    Your best course of action now is to document what has happened and pass the information to your insurer with your claim. They will be able to get around your admission of fault if anyone can.

    Who was actually at fault is a very grey area. She came from behind so it could have been her fault, but you possibly changed lanes into the side of her, so it could have been your fault. Let the insurance companies sort it out. No need for anyone to speculate here. Make you case well, and let us know the outcome in the fullness of time.

    If you are found at fault, and the cost of repair is less than the excess, your insurance company should allow you to withdraw the claim, but may not if they have spent considerable effort arguing with the other insurance company. (Which is unlikely BTW. Probably read the two accounts, and a two minute phone call to agree on fault distribution.)
  13. I was unfortunatly involved in an accident earlier this week (my fault) where the bike locked up and I collided/side swiped an oncoming car. Fortunatly for me, the driver was also a rider, and thus very understanding and helpful. Once I'd calmed down, I called him and explained everything, that I had insurance, but being a young rider the excess was phenomenal, and if it would be possible for him to ask for some quotes as a private job, and not mention insurance, just to see if the price of fixing it would be below my excess of $2.5k.

    Since the bloke was a legend, he grabbed some quotes for me the next day, and we sorted it out in cash for SIGNIFICANTLY less that afternoon. Everyone was happy, gave him a bit more as a thanks, and I avoid a hefty excess plus 5 years worth of premiums.


    Call her and ask if she would be able to get some quotes for the damage, and ask if she wouldnt mind asking the price for a private job, no insurance involved. Explain to her the situation, that she will looked after no matter what etc And you might come out lucky!