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Bush Survivor Wont Pay His Dad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sirian Sun, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. The father of a British teenager who survived 12 nights in the Australian bush is locked in a feud with his son over the money made from television appearances.

    Richard Cass, 54, said the relationship with his 19-year-old son Jamie Neale had turned "murderously nasty" over the cash he received for recounting his story, he told UK newspaper The Mail on Sunday.

    The Mail on Sunday said Neale received $A100,000 for the television contracts they both signed, but the teenager has yet to hand over Cass's slice of the money.

    The north Londoner became lost on July 3 in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

    "I feel I have been robbed by my own son," Mr Cass is quoted as saying.

    "I was so glad when he was found but it's gone from being such a feelgood thing to being murderously nasty.

    "The son I found isn't the son I went out to look for."

    Mr Cass said he was not sure if he may not be on speaking terms with his son "for a very long time".

    "He knows he's got to give me some of the money and I will be happy," he said.

    "I want him to make that step that will enable us to reconcile. I feel terrible that this dark incident has now blighted Jamie's return from the dead.

    "I would back down in that I don't want to lose contact with him but it would gnaw away at me. I feel betrayed."

    Cass said there was "an argument in Australia that says why should taxpayers pay for very expensive searches for idiots, especially foreigners, who don't take proper precautions," adding: "I feel tremendous sympathy with that view."

    Neale's story made headlines around the world. Not yet well enough to fly, he is expected to remain in Australia for a further six to eight weeks.

    The teenager said: "I do not plan to get into a public slanging match with my father and will deal with any issues in private.

    "I had an agreement with him regarding his involvement in the '60 Minutes' interview — he wanted his flights and the rescue party paid for.

    "I agreed to that and intend to honour that commitment. I am yet to receive the '60 Minutes' money — it is due next week — but what I do with it is a matter for me."

    Some have accused Neale of staging his survival feat to secure a lucrative media deal but the teenager said his extraordinary story was not a hoax.

    He set off for a solo hike on July 3 but got hopelessly lost, eating only seeds and weeds with just a lightweight jacket for warmth in freezing overnight conditions.

    ***Taken from NineMSN***

    It wasnt EVER about the money :roll:
  2. just shows how the news programs are running out of stories to show, i dont blame the dad and son, i blame the news for turning something small into something massive, people get lost all the time, hes from overseas so that makes him special

    but in my opinion, who cares when superbikes are on now
  3. Definition. Media Whore

    1. A person who has a psychological need to get into TV, Film, Radio or Print.
    2. A person who becomes aroused almost sexually by seeing or hearing themselves or about themselves in the media.
    Most people who audition for reality TV series or write excessive numbers of letters to the editor are nothing more than media whores.

    (courtesy UrbanDictionary.com)
  4. I cannot believe 11 days of "bushwalking" gets you a $100,000 payout. I'm going to try it.
  5. Why would his dad want any payment anyway? What's the deal for him?
  6. wasnt it 200k?? and i hope its taxable
  7. They both signed the media contract so he wants half the money.
  8. Yeah, but isn't the story (as much as there is one), his sons?
  9. it is but the story also involves the old man coming down from england and getting on a news chopper to help in the search, also when the old man was leaving to go back to england, he got the phone call at sydney airport that they found his son, so the old man is in the story
  10. You're going to have to wait for everybodies scam-dar and bull-O-meter to wind down unfortantly.
  11. I know, but wouldn't anyones father do the same? And not expect a cash payment from his son for having done so? And then to go to the press complaining how his son hasn't honoured his part of the deal and then mention how it might take a long time to overcome this? Seems they deserve each other.
  12. Both of them are a pair of twats and should receive nothing besides deportation on the next cargo plane, back to whence they came.

    That, or drop the idiot back in the middle of the bush and see how well he fairs a second time round. With his dad.

    Or better yet, into the desert.

    The sooner they just go away and the media stops reporting on it, the better.

    America needs to start another war or something, so the media has something actually worthwhile to report on again.

    Vent over.

  13. who remembers seeing the old man on news saying, "i guarantee every cent will go to the rescuers" and now hes crying the most about not seeing a cent in his pocket, fair dinkum, what a knob
  14. The game changes when the money is in your hands (or son's hands :p)

    Similar to people that say "if i win lotto i'll give you half" and then reconsider sharply when they win.

    I'm still bitter at my GF for saying she would give me half of her $900 stimulus money!! She even promised. Cry.
  15. Hang on a second, I hear the phone ringing.

    Hello? Hey mate. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. No worries. I'll be sure to let him know. What's that? Nah. Ok, sweet. No, you hang up first... See ya.

    So, that was Justin Timberlake on the phone, and he just wanted me to tell that guy's father to... CRY ME A RIVER... CRY ME A RIVER...

    That works so much better when I do it in person, and have a phone as a prop. Oh well.

    Seriously, the dad does absolutely S.F.A. and expects some of the money for a story that isn't even his? Then, he goes and destroys his relationship with his son by having the gall to whinge about not getting his dirty mitts on any money... and manages to look like a total douche at the same time.

    Who even cares about what someone did for 12 days by themselves? Is it really that interesting?
  16. it seems in this day age, of instant celebrity, one expects rewards for very little effort!

    what can i say...the lure of money changes people and this is a classic example.

    father initially says he has no interest in making money and here he is wanting his piece of the pie.

  17. I still cant get over the fact he couldnt pack a compass and travelled a pitiful distance in nearly 2 weeks.

    And the world rewards this kind of thing......
  18. I'm an idiot, where's my money?
  19. Personally I dont think either of them should get any money. Its quite sad that society rewards stupidity.