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Busa Turbo!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by deafwish, May 11, 2006.

  1. yes its old but dam it still good
    turbo and bike is like bread and butter.....
    :grin: :grin:
  2. They always fall butter side down?

  3. Meh its a fugly :LOL: :p

    Cheers :cool:
  4. That bike just scares me :eek:hno:
  5. It's an Apex-i Super Sequential BOV.
    Some of my mates have them in their cars!
    It becomes annoying, real quick.

    How difficult would it be to ride that thing, mid corner with it trying to spool up?! :shock:
  6. Actually not very hard at all, it's a 1300cc after all. I know someone with one and it just behaves like a normal Busa until a certain point in the revs and then it just starts doing 180kph. Scary stuff :eek:hno:.

    You'd notice spooling up alot if you Turbo'ed a 600cc.

    Pete at Pete's Pitstop does Turbo's on bikes for 600's to Hayabusa's. He's a madman :LOL:
  7. Its all in the theory... I've been number crunching and drawing all over compressor and trubine maps for a turbo system on a 600CC. Running at 7-10psi on a 600 ... Its only a small turbo, say a garett gt-12/GT-15 hybrid or a IHI - TD02 /TD02A ... but the increase in hp is about 25-30% usable torque 30%. Unfotunatley numbers are small and their wont be much if any boost below 2750rpm...

    I've got alot more calcs to do... and fabrication.
  8. Seriously, for those wanting more power in a smaller bike there is a very proven solution which will ultimately be cheaper and more rewarding - BUY A BIGGER BIKE!
  9. Indeed! :LOL:
  10. Two Thumbs up mate :grin:
  11. Wow great clip, what a bike !! Nice touch at the end :LOL:
  12. Probably not as bad as the 80hp tubocharged, intercooled 250s they build in Japan.
  13. Mate has one in Perth, ( worked on by S&L Enginerring in Sydney)

    my god, it goes, but you dont think its turboed untill you see the K&N Filter slightly protruding fromm the fairing, oh, and the boost gauge on the dials.

    worked for customs, but now flies for a living.? :-k

    must love speeding along i suppse. insurance companies wont touch him either.