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Bus overtakes a pushbike taking half of my line!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Dp., Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Not quite a near miss but something that I definitely did not like. This morning on the way to work on almost empty road in 80k zone there were only pushbike rider and bus going in one direction and me going in opposite. Bus caught up with the pushbike and decided to overtake it, in the process took half of my line with me in there putting both of us in danger. On empty road I always ride on the left wheel track and still had enough buffer so it did not cause any problem to me. But it was close…having a head on collision with a bus both going at 80k would probably mean an instant death.
    They should check persons IQ before giving a license and especially a heavy vehicle one!

    Same like yesterday on the way from work some 80 years old looking guy in the ute did a U-turn, not so close to me but I had to roll throttle off completely riding in second gear to stay away from him. Then being aware that he is not very smart I was following him at some distance and when we got to the traffic lights he suddenly decided to turn left instead of going straight and changed lane without indication, this time he caused me to swerve and brake.

    At the next set of lights I turned left and instead of him got another not very smart person in old made in 80s Falcon ute. That guy in his shitbox despite of me accelerating away from him at every set of lights kept trying to catch up with me every time probably trying to read what are these magic words that written on the back my bag. He must have been doing 100k in 80k zone to be able to do that. One guy here at work suggested their speedo is not working and they are trying to follow someone to match their speed and stay within the limit.

    Then once I turned to my street I got another one in a ute who stopped in the middle of the road for no reason causing me to brake right after acceleration instead of changing to third. Then he slowly took off again and turned left on the first intersection.

    Once he’s gone there appeared old lady reversing from her driveway who stopped in the middle of the road blocking both ways so I had to brake and almost stop again.

    There are so many incapable drivers on the roads so without a good road craft and ability to spot idiots and predict their behaviour they can deliver a lot of grief to any of us. So, watch out and buffer!

  2. That was a good day, you didn't get hit by any of them!
  3. The trains would be much, much busier if they did that.

    and yeah people crossing onto the wrong side of the road is very common in Sydney too. they seem to think it is their right if the lane is blocked or part block.
  4. Its a wonder you get out of bed when you have days like that.
  5. It certainly can be frustrating ... hence why we ride defensively. Expect the unexpected and you won't be disappointed.

    Sounds like you're a ute magnet!
  6. Utes dig him ;)

    You should see him down at the tradie carpark, lovin life! :rofl: