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bus lanes NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rnor5928, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. just wondering bout bus lanes, are motorcycles allowed in them???? lots of cameras on lanes now especially parra rd...

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  3. I go along parra road a fair bit and often use the bus lane.

    Just be careful as there are still plenty of impatient drivers that dart into it from time to time and many still don't understand that you are meant to turn left from the bus lane so they occasionally cut you off trying turn from the centre lane. Keep this in mind when you are passing servo's as well.

    Also I think I'm going to print off the above link as I've had a couple people argue with me that I'm not supposed to be there, it'd be good to just drop a copy of the above on their lap and leave it at that.
  4. Yep from what I can remember reading in the handbook, as long as its not a "Bus Only" lane you should be fine.. doesn't stop a few cagers having a go at you about it though haha
  5. well how bout that ay!!! :shock: :grin:
    you learn something new everyday, I will be doing the same as robbie55.... print off a few and keep them in the venture bag. :wink:

    Cheers :grin:
  6. easier than giving them an earful for then to simply reply with someting like ' do you know the way to chatswood...is that a honda '
  7. So, erm... I'm going to have to go off on a rant-tangent here for a bit, 'cause this is a recurring thread topic with recurring surprised-sounding replies. And it ties in nicely with something that really pisses me off about hotshots completely ignoring the driver briefing at gokart tracks and the odd trackday too and causing incidents on track because they don't know what the flags mean.

    Begin rant:

    This is nothing personal, but...

    The riders who're so surprised about this road rule, and especially the riders who've just gotten their learner's permit...

    You did read that RTA Motorcyclist Handbook you were supposed to study in order to get your license, right...?

    Page 56, where the book explains in plain English one of the greatest road-rule-supported advantages motorcycles have on NSW roads...?

    And you never thought, "Wow! I can legally use bus lanes? That's fantastic! I'm sure gonna keep that in mind for future use!"...?

  8. Wouldn't be surprised if the OP's next topic is about squidding :LOL:

    Oh man gotta love the broken record threads!
  9. We may as well turn the search feature off.
    In fact lets just repeat the same threads over and over.

    bloody NEWBS

  10. while yes gents these points are valid but i am amazed by how little it is an advertised thing these days.
    and i read the book.
  11. It may be a same topic with a new twist

  12. So hang on... you can ride in bus lanes?

    What about T3? Do you need 2 pillions?

    [puts on flame retardant vest and grins in anticipation]
  13. How bout disabling the post topic buttons?

    Going over topics again gets updated info and updated opinions.

    How about banning idiots who complain about something they have read before. (I can just imagine the look on their face when they go past McDonalds or read speed zone signs, or re enter their log on details)
  14. You can ride in both T2 and T3 lanes, with or without a pillion.