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Bus lanes - are we allowed?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by joomi, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    This is my first post - recently got my L's, got a VTR250 and words can't express how much I love riding it :grin: . Love the forum and am keen to get in on the next learner run.

    Anyway, I've been riding around and always see people riding in the bus lanes, even in front of bus lane cameras. Are we allowed to do this?

  2. I really doubt your allowed to unless you need to get into that lane to turn into a street or driveway
  3. Depends on where you are. :)
  4. I live in inner west Sydney and am specifically talking the 2 bus lane cameras on Parramatta Rd heading onto Broadway and then into the city. I see people riding in the bus lane right in front of the cameras everyday, which is handy considering the traffic. It seems like they are allowed to be there. I was hoping that it is another perk of riding a bike, although i'm probably wrong.
  5. I know which ones your talking about.
    Isnt there signs over there that says "cameras are still being tested?"
  6. In NSW riders are allowed in bus lanes, t2 and t3 traffic lanes. The only lanes you can't use are the one marked "BUS ONLY LANE"

    Mayority of the red painted ones you can use, but be aware of the few with the ONLY clearly stated.

    From the RTA website:

  7. Yep was told that too! :grin:
  8. I edited my post have a read of the info from RTA website.

  9. Understood - thanks for clearing that up guys . Ahh the perks of riding a bike. It keeps getting better and better.
  10. Lets hope it stays that way over here ! :LOL:
  11. me too, by a Ps instructor
  12. heh, outside the unis.

    ive used those lanes without a 2nd thought for the cameras. hope its all good :D
  13. They're the ones Donshe - I pass them on the way to uni (UTS) where I can park all day for free and there is always space, gotta love that. Now that I know I can use the bus lanes it makes it that much easier. Parking at work (Australia Square) is another story though - there are never any parks left in the tiny space they have allocated for bikes. Can't win em all I suppose.
  14. Yep, just to confirm - bikes are allowed in bus lanes, just not 'bus only' lanes. They'll be clearly marked.
  15. When riding on T-Lanes or bus lanes, be carefull.. Car drivers don't like checking their mirrors and don't like bikes overtaking them. Not once or twice did i had the white utes getting sick off waiting in line and just get in the bus lane right infront of me. They look out for a huge bus and usally the small bike does not register in their heads.
    So keep your eyes open at their front wheel to see if it is turning and at the driver's head to see if it is turning, trying to look back
    If you ride in out of the ordinary situations like this, dont be shy and make your self seen by using the high beam or even play with the switch. And why not, use the horn if you a get a bad feeling...
  16. the uts parking isnt always good man, i havent ridden to uni too many times but once i managed to just get what looked like the last spot there. failing that, down on the kerb at haymarkets is the go lol
  17. It does get a little packed at UTS but I always manage to squeeze in somewhere. I suppose I am there pretty early most mornings so it normally isn't a problem for me.
  18. yeah on paramatta rd just be carefull when going past side streets while in the buss lane. i had a car hit me in the side because he wasnt paying attention to the buss lane and trying to squeeze into a gap in traffic
  19. Finally I feel like my rights as a biker are being noticed!
    Now all we need is pavement parking and to legally be able to ride in the cyclists lane. Bwahahaha :twisted:
  20. Damn i love those bus only lanes on epping road they save me 15 mins a day :(