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Bus lanes and transit lanes in NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ibast, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. The other day I got onto the RTA website to try and figure out if the "buses only" lane on the M2 was a bus lane and thus I could ride in it.

    I couldn't find any reference to it, but it struck me that now we are under the Australian road rules, that the exception for bikes in bus lanes and transit lanes seems to have dissapeared in NSW.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  2. There is a difference between "Bus Lane" and "Bus Only" lanes. Motorcycles can ride in "Bus Lanes", but cannot ride in "Bus Only" lane. As the name/sign says, they are for buses ONLY.

    Under AUS road rules, motorcycles can ride in Bus Lanes. NSW gov't have created some special "Bus Only" lanes for extreme congestion problems/places.
  3. Talk to the guys at Motorcycle Council NSW
  4. Hi,

    I echo Mouth's comments re bus / bus only lanes. I just moved to Sydney and it would be an understatement to say the traffic here is hectic and the road rules are confusing ! :shock:

    From trawling through the NSW RTA website a couple of months ago, I understand it to be:

    Bus lane = bus + taxi + motorcycles.
    Bus only lane = bus.

    It was so much easier when we just had roads... :?
  5. You mean to funnel traffic into the Cross City Tunnel. Or should I say the tunnel that makes the entire city cross :mad:
  6. Who will tell you exactly the same thing as I did above.
  7. + hire cars + cyclists + emergency vehicles.
  8. Whats about the" red" painted roads .

    Are they bus only ??
  9. Both bus and bus only lanes are painted red... the only way to tell is by the signs and/or the lane markings - bus only lanes should have "bus only" painted on them.

    Here's a list of some bus/bus only lanes in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong - unfortunately it doesn't tell you which ones are bus only. According to that page, motorbikes can ride in bus (but not bus only) lanes.
  10. what about the cycle (bicycle) lane on the M2? I have seen motorcycles on both the Bus (only) lane on the right hand side, and also travelling up the cycle lane on the left hand side.

    I understand the Bus only lane is for busses and have heard "stories" (yeah yeah I know :LOL: ) of bus drivers recording your plate and such, but is the cycle lane under the same rules?

    I have been passed by cycle riders doing more than I was sitting in traffic in a 100K zone...

    oh and BTW I only went into the bus (only) lane cause it was much "safer" your honour...
  11. According to the Australian Road Rules, vehicles other than bicycles can only travel in cycle lanes for up to 50 metres to reach a legal stopping location or to turn off the road. I haven't seen anything to the contrary from the RTA so I assume this would apply in NSW.

    AFAIK the bus lane on the M2 is a bus-only lane, so motorcyles travelling on either side of the road are in the wrong :(
  12. Yeah the M2 is "Buses only" which is what got me wondering.

    Any idea whether transit lane exception survived too?
  13. legal to ride in bus lanes

    Is it legal to ride in bus lanes in NSW?
  14. yes, if they are not bus only lanes.
  15. and here I were wondering if it was you the cops chased in the Bus Only lane on the M2 this morning, but I guess not as he/she was riding a GSXR in yellow/black, and not a Bolwell.
  16. 3 demerit points if u get caught in WA!!

    a bit harsh in my opinion
  17. Bus lane ok for bike.

    Bus ONLY lane, no no no.
  18. Bus Lanes (NSW)

    anyone know what the story is with bus lanes, regarding the use of them. i was pretty sure i read somewhere that motorcyclists are infact actually allowed to use them. can someone please confirm/deny this.

    as i was coming from from RPA Hospital a few moments ago, being peck hour there was a fair amount of traffic and the bus lane was empty, so alo and behold, down there she went. it was only once it finished, i thought i remembered that you can infact on a bike legally do that.
  19. You can use those titled 'Bus Lane' (and generally painted in red), and so can taxis and private taxis (limos and the like I think).

    You cannot use 'Bus Only' lanes though.
  20. I know that for the ACT it's legal. I'm not sure about NSW.