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Bus lane studies

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by TonyE, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Given the way the bicycle lobby in the UK actively falsified data to attempt to keep motorcycles out, I think it's a good idea to get all the information we can in support of this.

    I'll start it off with the Birmingham (UK) policy.


    What makes this interesting is that it prohibits the equivalent of our VHA/VHC (hire car) registrations but allows motorcycles.

  2. If someone's got more time than I have, there might be something to find on Bristol in the UK. Bikes have been allowed in bus lanes there for nearly 20 years and I'll stick my hand up to having a (very small) role in achieving that.

    Incidentally, does anyone else find it amusing that the British Standard symbol for a motorcycle is still a mid-50s Triumph Speed Twin with an Avon fairing?

    Here's some stuff on Bristol,

    and here's a rather negative view of trials in London,

    and more from the hugely capable Nich Brown (no relation, but I have been pissed as a rat with Nich on a number of occasions).

    and a piece from a prominent UK bike insurer,

    a tweed clad BMW rider's view,

    another one on the London trials which, intriguingly, suggests a reduction in risks to cyclists.

    and an observational study by the also very capable Craig Clinch, with whom I have also been spectacularly pissed. Trying to keep up with his ex-Plod K100RT used to be quite an experience too :D.

    That'll do for now.
  3. Dutch experience (with low powered PTWs):

    Bristol appears to have had PTWs sharing bus lanes along with cyclists for some time.
    Belfast, Bath and Hull also,
    There's this one:
    http://www.local-transport-projects.co.uk/files/BP2 001 Motorcycles in Bus lanes v2.pdf

    and London would appear to be in the middle of a second study (unless it's been curtailed under pressure?).

    Where could an expanded Vic trial be conducted? I suggest Johnson Street Abbotsford.
  4. And of course, Sydney (+ NSW) has had motorcycles sharing bus lanes (just not Bus Only lanes) for quite some time now. It was a great way to get around Sydney on the few roads which supported it. Literally being given the red-carpet treatment, courtesy of the paint used to demarcate the lane. :D

    I doubt there'd be much accident history for motorcycles (et al) vs cyclists in bus lanes, though, as all the cyclists in Sydney are likely to have passed away due to smog inhalation or moved to a nicer city in general. ;)