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VIC Bus lane sharing

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heli, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Not us, but what a slap in the face for the lycra luvvys: Buses reject lane share with bikes

    Gary just doesn't get it ](*,)

  2. Hoddle St bus lane trial - how's it going?


    This is not specific to Hoddle Street, but it does show the BNV are still hard at work on the bus lanes issue.
    I note that there is nothing, negative or otherwise, about motorcycles in Brennan's comments, I'm just posting as a reminder that other interested parties are not resting and a foot-forward approach is advisable at all times.
    Any news about Hoddle street trial?
  3. Re: Hoddle St bus lane trial - how's it going?

    The topic comes up at MAG routinely. The final report was planned for July-ish this year bust has been deferred for more "detailed analysis".

    What I've seen has shown that it seems to be working fine, the vast majority of riders were towing the line, a few speeders though but no major incidents. The incidence of filtering/splitting dropped off as riders took the trial. I can't see how it could get knocked on the head.

    I suspect bus drivers would be more than happy to share with PTW's, especially in the hilly East where a cyclist pumping up a hill at 12 - 17km/h would cause a rolling roadblock for a bus to manage.
  4. Re: Hoddle St bus lane trial - how's it going?

    Have a listen to the audio here again - Insert the word "motorcycle" whenever the word "bicycle" is mentioned.

    Exactly the same argument can be applied to motorcycles and cars and buses - its all about road users understanding how they are seen by each other, where they can't be seen, what stops them from being seen etc.

    Fundamentally, the argument is that if each adjusts their behaviour towards each other - then all is OK and Safe.

    I met a guy on the weekend who grew up in France and he was telling me about how motorcycle riders and car drivers get along. Evidently, there is a greater degree of friendliness betwen the two in France compared to Australia. Lots of waving and saying thankyou and promoting good relations between cars and riders has gone a long way to making drivers aware of riders - who they actively look for and expect to see in certain situations - like fliftering etc..
  5. Re: Hoddle St bus lane trial - how's it going?

    No argument from me. Just saying that it might pay to keep putting ourselves into the conversation lest it proceed without us.
  6. Just a heads up that the Hoddle street trial appears to have taken a fairly serious blow to the negative today. Keep your eyes on the news.
    I don't have enough information yet for further comment.
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  7. ruh roh
  8. Re: Hoddle St bus lane trial - how's it going?

    I was at a meeting a couple of years ago when SKM were doing consultancy work on this for VicRoads.

    What came out of it was that essentially the bus companies weren't happy about sharing lanes but that the only vehicles that they felt were compatible were motorcycles and emergency vehicles. They were very anti-bicycle and anti-taxi because of the delays they cause. Taxis stopping for passengers were regarded as a real issue.
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  9. now I really wanna know what titus was referring to
  10. I'm not trying to be cryptic, but neither do I want to post a rider down thread. Check the traffic reports if you want to know more.
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  11. An accident involving a motorcycle rider southbound in Hoddle Street has been reported on 3AW this morning.

    Not sure that will affect the Bus Lane trial - which has been completed. Also, we don't know whether it happened in the bus lane......
  12. Nothing official in the news media or police news thus far... seems like just another traffic incident?
  13. OK, I've now taken note that the trial has already been completed, which I guess is the only point relevant now. As you were.
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  14. On the Hoddle St bus lane - there is one intersection (Abbot Gve I think?) just South of the Eastern Freeway that has KEEP CLEAR across all the southbound lanes


    If the main traffic is stopped, don't go flying down here at 70. Be aware that anyone turning right from the northbound side may not be able to see you through the banked up traffic and think to themselves "no bus, no worries".

    The rest of the intersections that I've noticed are all at traffic lights but this one isn't so take care.
  15. I think you've hit the nail precisely on the head, the_blacke.
  16. I have the benefit of having ridden down there this morning about 8:30 or so :-/
  17. The last thing needed is for Push bikes to be sharing bus lanes, this would be an accident waiting to happen.
    Bus only lanes were introduced to get people out of cars and onto public transport then as way of getting those people moving quickly to the city so they wouldnt go back to their cars.
    Legions of lycra and non lycra weaing cyclists in bus only lanes will only lead to accidents, anger & agnst not what is needed. Most cyclists are slowww cyclists which is not a good idea in bus lanes.
    Motorcycles would be different as most would be able to keep up with the required speed regardless of skill level.