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Bus lane seem fraught with danger

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by WeeBubba, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. i rode to work a different way today, mostly down the bus lane.

    my senses tell me that the bus lane is fraught with dangers. i cant say that i like it too much i kinda feel safer in the car lanes for some reason!

    first of all i am on 'hyper alert' thinking that, because im in the left hand lane, someone can easily pull out on me from their driveway etc. giving me not much notice.

    next thing the traffic is backed up either stopped or going slow to my right. so im also on 'hyper alert' thinking that at some point some impatient nob head in a car might pull out into the bus lane to save a few seconds down to the next set of lights.

    my mate at work told me the rule in france was never go more than 20km/h more than the traffic to the right when in the bus lane and its busy like that.

    i guess the trick is to just go slow then huh? so that means if the traffic is stopped to my right, providing i dont got a bus behind me then i slow right down?

    final question i got is that im a bit unsure which side of the road to favour? do i favour the RHS where i figure got more chance the cars can see me in their wing mirrors? and i got more buffering from cars pulling out from the left. or do i favour the LHS so that if an impatient car does pull out on me then i got more buffering that way?

    thanks for any advice
  2. I'd say favour each side of the road per the conditions (ie crosswalk coming up buffer to the right... stopped traffic with a gap in the bus lane buffer to the left). Other than that just go slowly and be ready to hit the anchors. Make sure you practice emergency stops a bit as well.

    Just watch out for potholes and parrallel cracks in the road. Buses are one of the heaviest vehicles on the road and stay in the same lane as all the others and tend to warp the road in the middle due to their weight.

    Also be particularly careful in the wet since the road surface is painted and is much more slippery than the other lanes.

    Also be careful of having to share that lane with taxis who are EXCELLENT drivers.....
  3. get out of the bus lane... you ain't a bus...

    p.s stupid hurts
  4. Quoted for emphasis.
  5. Crosswalk????? wtf are we that fargone that yankspeak has just taken over????

    It's a CROSSING
  6. Maybe he has learned the correct term before, he just hadn't spelled it right :)
  7. wow, well done :D

    he's from sydney...

    we're allowed in bus lanes... stupid REALLY does hurt, doesn't it ](*,)
  8. You mean 'spelt it', right?
    Or was that sarcasm wasted on me?
  9. hunny, he put it in italics :p
  10. Not as much as getting hit/clipped/squashed by a bus in a bus lane. ;)
  11. it's not happened to anyone I know.
  12. og ffs you guys in sydney have it good with bus lanes up there, if ONLY we were allowed to use them here.
    Devochka situational awareness will get you very far as does common sense.
    How many accidents have involved a bus squashing a motorcyclist? Then compare that with a car or truck squashing a motorcyclist in mainstream traffic.
    Please guys common sense in your answers go far, and this whole learners supplying other learners stupid advice is really disconcerting.
  13. +1000.

    And the bus lanes are excellent. I've had MUCH less issues when riding in the bus lane than when in normal traffic, and it's not just because there's less traffic in there. Buses see you and allow you past, taxi's - as crazy as they are have generally been pretty good and people don't wanna get into the bus lane (most times.... in most places anyways) for fear of being caught.
  14. The biggest problems with using bus lanes are
    1. douchebags turning onto the road, that don't see a bus there and assume the bus lanes are just free space
    2. people that don't know the rules regarding turning left from a bus lane, and just cut right across you instead of merging into the bus lane first

    if you're wary of this happening and keeping a buffer then you'll have an otherwise pretty quick run in to work.
  15. I've had no problems riding in bus lanes - much better in fact than general traffic. Don't encounter many buses or taxis actually - it's just a matter of common sense :D
  16. THIS. But just be aware and know what you're up against, who's around and who might be coming out of side-streets. Twice I've had to emergency brake from #1, but not had issues with #2 because I know it's a lot more common so am always prepared and keep distance/buffer.
  17. Devochka, have you even got a bike yet and been on the roads?
  18. Quoted for emphasis. I am a newb and I don't know what I am talking about.
  20. ****...where's Raven or robsalvv?