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Bus Lane patrol!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rockjob, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Theres this intersection that I pass through on the way to work everyday.
    Those of you who live near liverpool should know it.
    Its the intersection of cumberland highway and (i think) cabramatta road. The one with the BP on the corner.

    Heading southbound there are 2 lanes and a 3rd that turns left or continues through the intersection as a bus lane. As an alternative to filtering I normally just take this left turn lane and make my way to the front. It is often abused by normal drivers and I have seen someone in the afternoon pulled over for using it.

    A few mornings ago, I saw a woman in a beat up old falcon follow me through, effective skipping 20+ cars of traffic. Yesterday as luck would have it, she ended up behind me again. When the light went green, I just sat there and turned around and looked at her. Immediatly she put her indicator on and attempted to merge into the traffic. I quickly sped off and still made it infront of the rest of the traffic.

    Thats my little victory for the day.
  2. I'm confused. Are bikes allowed to use it?
  3. Yes.

    I get pissy when I see normal cars using bus lanes to get ahead when they're not different to everyone else. I mainly only notice it when I'm driving though, I'm busy concentrating on cars pulling out when on the bike. And yes, I sit in the cue rather than go the bus lane - makes me angry that I didn't take the bike!
  4. There are a million posts on that topic. I found one that directly quoted the RTA website. (cant be bothered finding it now) The rules with motorbikes in nsw is you are allowed to use Bus Lanes and T-Lanes however you are not allowed to use "Bus ONLY" lanes and T-Way bus lanes.

    So basically you have to watch for BUS ONLY lanes and you are a bit of a tool if you manage to end up on a T-way.
  5. The OP is in NSW, in NSW motorbikes may use "Bus Lanes" but not "Bus Only" lanes.

    To the best of my knowledge Victoria only allows buses in bus lanes, but this is something I've attempted to clarify in the past (without much success I might add).
  6. What about Bus Lanes that say "Bus Only", etc. I know we can't use those special Bus Transit lanes out west but I wouldn't want to either.

    I get confused in the CBD - especially about that bus lane that veers off the Anzac Bridge just before the offramp to the Cross City Tunnel. I use it anyway but it's a bit weird. I think that one is marked "Bus Lane".
  7. Learn to read :p
  8. I have nothing to add to this thread, except Rockjob's avatar picture looks like this:

  9. well i cop pulled me over when i took a right turn that said "buses and taxis excepted". he didnt book me though

    also, i had a cop tell me off for using those bus lanes that only go for 3 metres (when i was filtering through traffic). not too sure if it was a bus only lane, but i wasnt booked for it so its all good
  10. back on topic though; although it is a wankerish thing to do, i do hate it when people do this.

    i had a 4wd do the exact same thing a few months ago. i decided to be a wanker too, and took my time taking off.

    This fired him up like hell; he went to over take me then swerved into me (deliberately) just to scare me. :?
  11. If it doesn't say Bus only....... tel him to talk to the HAND Biatch :rofl: :rofl:
  12. It wasn't a black range rover was it??? I've had a runnin with a black rangie where he nearly killed me.. but it was when i was very new to riding in Sydney... and I didn't have gloves on..... Now I have Carbon Knuckle Gloves and am waiting to see him do it again :evil:
  13. Thats not road rage browy, thats revenge :p

    Im pretty cool headed, but when I get ashed on it really gets under my skin. One day im sure theres gonna be steel capped boots vs door.
  14. Of course he did, you're not allowed in them. I assume the sign said "No Right Turn: Buses and Taxis Excepted" of which you are neither.
  15. That sign has nothing to do with bus lanes. Bikes have the same rules as cars, just with a few exceptions, not "bikes are buses with a few limits...."
  16. yeah i know - i should have made myself clearer earlier. just wanted to highlight the fact that it's not a good idea to assume that bikes are exempted from things that say bus only, or taxis only etc... because clearly it isnt the case; i was lucky that i wasnt booked.
  17. Get this. One morning I rode out of the city and used bus lane, when a cage jumped in behind me, and within seconds there were 3 following me. Just before the Harbour bridge, going around that hill, there was a highway patrol car just waiting for people doing this. Copper nodded me through and pulled all 3 of them over hehe.
  18. thats balls mate, retribution on that nice shiny range rover is the answer like matt said. nice to see youve joined the Vtwin brigade biceps :grin:

    hey romus hows the training going? shame that we missed ya on the oxley run hopefully next time mate.
  19. Well, looks like someone has trained him well, he just bought a bird!
  20. Well, looks like someone has trained him well, he just bought a bird!