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VIC bus drivers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nobby, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Forgive me if this has been asked before , but can anybody enlighten me as to whether bus drivers have to follow road rules or do they get a special set just for them.

    In particular, bloody "Grendas" bus drivers.

    The latest incident was a couple of days ago, I was stopped on Berwick-Harkaway Rd waiting to cross the Princes H'Way heading towards Cranbourne, I was doing the right thing for a change and sitting at the Keep Clear sign, when this bloody great bus comes down the outside lane and moves into the clearway, I finished up staring at the front wheel of the bus. If that was the only case I would suck it up and get on with it, but these bastards are dangerous, I have had a bus pull out in front of me after giving the obligatory one flash of the indicators, had them stop in front of me and would you believe I even had one stop half way round a roundabout to let a passenger off.

    I avoid these buggers like the plague now, but still interested to know what the deal is.
  2. The law of the jungle, "might is right", trumps any legislation applicable to the situation. The only redress you have is if you catch it on camera. I had a bus driver pull out in front of me when I was towing several months ago, so I understand where you're coming from.

    Unfortunately such behaviour seems to be symptomatic of a growing driving culture that believes changing lanes or entering traffic involves, in this order, (a) start moving across; (b) chuck on an indicator (or don't bother if you reckon you're the centre of the universe); and (c) look (just in case other road users have failed to accommodate you). This behaviour has apparently flourished while VicPol has had their collective heads up their backsides policing absolute-liability offences and towing the Labor/TAC/MUARC line.

    When I was serving my penance on the communist transport system, every month or so a bus passenger would forget to press the red stop button or do so too late, and have a driver who refused to stop until the next signed bus stop, even if that was 2-3 km away. The driver would cite regulations and claim he would be penalised if he disobeyed them. The driver you saw stop in a roundabout would have risked that plus a couple road traffic offences methinks.
  3. I have been carved up a bit by buses, on occasion, and I have never driven them, although I've known a couple of people who have. For the most part, I'm fairly sympathetic towards the poor old bus driver. The number of angles he can get slammed from would stun you. Any ning-nong can ring up and complain about him for anything, whether they were a passenger or simply an observer, whether it was true or half true or a downright fabrication, and she/he WILL get hauled over the coals and be expected to justify their behaviour. It breeds a state of mind that is very petty and rule-bound, and that's just the way things work.

    "He pulled out and cut me off." Actually, in most cases, drivers do look and try to pick a moment when passing traffic has at least a fighting chance of getting out of the way, and in most places (in Aus anyway) buses DO have right of way to pull out any time they like. Now, it becomes a bit grey when you talk about people not being able to avoid them, same as the wording that says you must stop for an amber light as long as it is safe to do so. There are a lot of ways you can interpret that. Overall I think there are more back seat drivers and arm chair critics of the poor old bus driver, than there are people who have a really valid complaint to make.

    Most of the people who make the noise and mileage about what useless b@stards bus and taxi drivers are, wouldn't last a day in the job. I would LOVE to see Jeremy Clarkson in a cab for a day. Edited and compiled and produced by someone other than his tame producers at TopGear. Not one of their stupid scripted joke segments - put in one for real, for a whole shift, on camera all the time.
  4. +1.
    Thanks, I'm about to go out and drive a bus.=D>
  5. You have to be aware, if there's a bus pulled over prepare to stop no matter what.

    Some buses definately drive badly, but if you think every bus as 70+ less cages on the road they don't seem so bad.
  6. S.77 Road Safety Road Rules 2009.

    A driver driving on a length of road in a built-up area, in the left lane or left line of traffic, or in
    a bicycle lane on the far left side of the road, must give way to a bus in front of the driver if-

    (a) the bus has stopped, or is moving slowly, at the far left side of the road, on a shoulder of
    the road, or in a bus-stop bay; and

    (b) the bus displays a give way to buses sign and the right direction indicator lights of the bus
    are operating; and

    (c) the bus is about to enter or proceed in the lane or line of traffic in which the driver is driving.

    For this rule, give way means the driver must slow down and, if necessary, stop to avoid a collision.

    The driver of the bus must give the change of direction signal for long enough to give sufficient
    warning to other drivers and pedestrians-see rule 48(2) and (3).

    However, the driver of a public bus does not have to give way to a vehicle if the vehicle is
    required to give way to the bus under this rule and it is safe for the bus to enter the lane, or
    line of traffic, in which the other vehicle is travelling-see rule 87(2)

  7. I'm starting to get the feeling that you can recite those from heart word perfect.
  8. Yeah ... thanks justus - that's about what I thought it said.
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    The closest thing to that I've seen on Top Gear UK was when all three of those clowns chose a prime mover and drove them around a vehicle testing track in the countryside. See wkhlE1plOPk[/media]]here. Needless to say, they all sucked at it!
  10. which are only on regularly scheduled buses - not the tourist buses carrying loads of tourists who seem to believe it applies to them as they pull out into traffic in the CBD to go and perve at penguins.

    I've had very few problems with "normal" buses. They generally know what they're doing and I'd rather encounter 10 buses on a trip than one taxi!
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    They quite possibly do suck at it, but at least some of that is intentional. It wouldn't be too good if they were awesome truck drivers and the trucks were undamaged. It is their M.O.
  12. So the way I read that it no longer matters if the bus is in a different lane or has to cross a line (be it broken or unbroken).

    That's taking it a bit far IMO.
  13. The reason for the rule is to enable buses to re-enter traffic after dropping/picking up pasengers, so that they have some chance of being on schedule. Were it not for that, the service would be (even more) woeful and more commuters would drive. As someone pointed out earlier, if it keeps some cars off the road, its worth it.
  14. Yep understand and agree with the rule but there were once limits. They didn't have the right to pull across multiple lanes for example. It was basically a "within the lane" rule.
  15. I'm aware of the give-way to bus's rule, it's written all over the back of the bus so it's hard to ignore, (I also employ the size has the right rule). I'm also aware of the need for them to adhere to a schedule. What I object to is the bus bully tactics employed by some. Once again I refer to Grenda's.

    I have contract drivers that leave my warehouse every day with full trucks, they are expected to return by 5pm with empty ones. Should I instruct them to use the same rule to adhere to their schedule?

    Mole, I am trying to understand where you are coming from, and perhaps you are one of the good ones, but in Melbourne I seriously believe thar Bus drivers care very little for other road users and probably even less for the cattle they carry.
  16. I could be wrong mate but, I dont think they do have right of way across multiple lanes.......... thats more a case of the driver attitude of (**** you) I'm going where I like.........and the only valid reason I can see for one wanting to do this is a shithouse bus route that requires the bus to 'set down' at a stop, then get across 2-3 lanes of traffic to turn right into another street.
    It'd be pretty safe to say that after years of putting up with cages doing incredibly stupid things in front of buses, and showing them no courtesy at all considering the bulk they are heaving around....that the driver now has an attitude.
    Dont get me wrong, I dont condone the drivers actions one bit but.....you try driving a 40' long 2 storey block of flats in busy traffic where said 'flats' only just fits within its lane and really requires you to 'look as far as you can see' because the brakes arent up speed with the bulk and you'll see what I mean.

    Every other motorist on the road must get by them/pass them, so if this means cutting in front so be it......... one of the best is when you want to turn left and need 2 lanes to get around the corner so some cage decides to slip up the left lane](*,).... his mode of transport is usually altered in some amusing way.
    So.... you've only been using two mirrors till now,... now I'll give you the 3rd one to keep an eye on passengers, while being mindful of the 'dinging buzzer' for the next stop and listening to little Sally as she stands behind you recounting how little Johnny hit her, or stole her biscuits etc, etc.:-s
  17. He's connected to justice action, volunteer group in Sydney (do prisoner rights campaigns etc). Not sure which one he is yet, but he piqued my interest.
  18. I was just pointing out the rationale behind the rule, not taking sides at all.
    I happen to drive a bus 3 days a week, but here in Byron we don't have the issues of multiple lanes, and although we do get surprisingly solid traffic jams at times, there isn't the level of frustration and aggression I see when in Sydney. That said, I am often surprised at the lack of courtesy when I'm trying to rejoin slowly moving traffic (I don't have the 'priority' signage), and sometimes have to resort to very slowly pulling out until someone eventually decides that they can't sneak around me.
    At least I always check for filtering bikes when pulling out, and make room for them when I'm in traffic.
    I see no rationale for keeping bikes out of any bus lane, as long as they don't hold up the buses. Rather than banning bikes from 100kph bus lanes, surely it would make more sense to just ban the P platers, or make them leave the bus lane if there's a bus behind them.
  19. Nice try spambot. But like I'd believe they'd let women drive a bus ;).
  20. Referring to the underlined words will correct your interpretation.

    "A driver driving on a length of road in a built-up area, in the left lane or left line of traffic, or in a bicycle lane on the far left side of the road,
    must give way to a bus in front of the driver if-"

    Thank you Captain Obvious. How about providing something useful like uploading that Traffic Infringement Notice of yours.

    That would be the school bus you are picked up in each morning.