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Bus driver tells Muslim woman to 'take off mask'

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,25827628-421,00.html

    and peoples comments

    and i fully support the BUS DRIVER on this issue..

    its law overseas to wear 1 and thats why they wear them, its not law here, yet, WHEN she was maltese catholic she didnt wear one now all off a sudden she does and makes a scene out of it, seems to be a never ending issue here in OZ

  2. they had a problem when i entered a bank with my helmet on.

    they took my pistol and called the cops
  3. It really all comes down to this. Is it the law or not?

    If it is, the bus driver did the right thing.
    If it's not, he lied (or made a big mistake) and discriminated against her. He doesn't have the right to just make it up as he likes.

    End of story.
  4. http://annalyttiger.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/niqab.jpg

    I have no problem with the headscarf, but that is a bit much, especialy if you're the busdriver in greystaines, and wouldn't know if its a lady who means well, or a thug who wants to be invisible to cctv and getting caught. If you wanted to wear that, packing a pistol and a pillow case, you could walk around doing over every servo in the country, and you'd have the cops shitting themselves because they have no idea who you are, and even if they do catch you, getting them to show whats underneath/doing a search is going to be more trouble than its worth.
  5. Wow, she looks really threatening.


    It's the pink that does it. Scary as. And that outfit, so sneakily covering her Uzi and bomb belt.

    I find the Burqa and other totally covering headgear confronting, but I'm getting over it. It's my problem, not theirs. Australia is a free country, secular in nature. Part of that freedom means accepting people who are different to you. Until such time that people regularly hold up banks, servo's and buses dressed in Muslim full covering headgear, I don't see the problem.
  6. I can see where the bus driver is coming from...I find people that cover their faces creepy.
    I suppose you have to ask why do they want to cover their faces ?
  7. Id support the bus driver on this one too. The burqa certainly is unnacceptable, hijab is fine as long as it isnt a mask.

    You simply dont walk into banks, servos, and most public places hiding your face.

    In a secular society, you can wear this stuff in your house and most public places, but dont be shocked when you start getting refused service, remember these places are providing a service and they have terms and conditions.
  8. So, if a bus company wins the tender for a particular area, and decides that, for whatever reason, (let's say it's security) that all passengers must be naked. (even the old, wrinkly, ugly ones) - that's okay is it??, Because they are providing the service , so can call the shots?

    It's exactly the same, as long as there isn't a specific law requiring here to remove the facial covering.
  9. How does the bus company identify the woman if she was to say, vandalise their property (eg. draw on the back of seats with a niko pen or whatever)?

    Would the bus driver refusing to let the woman on the bus be any different to me getting on the bus with a balaclava on my head and a niko pen in my hand?
  10. No, we already have established codes customs and laws that prohibit you walking in public naked.

    Is this going to be an issue where we all have to tip toe around the truth in the name of political correctness?

    Wearing a disguise and totally covering yourself has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with an oppressive culture. Theres nothing modest about wearing a full body disguise out in public either.

    It strips a woman of her identity, not to mention casts rather offensive aspersions on men when you understand the cultural evolution of it.

    So again, you dont walk into banks and servos wearing a full face disguise. Religious tolerance is nothing more than a smokescreen.
  11. Conversely, what if we started a religion requiring members to wear a motorcycle helmet? Does that mean banks, retail outlets, etc - make an exception simply to appease the motorcycle Gods? "BUT... MY RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS!"

    Maybe it's because I'm atheist that it bothers me so much, but I get sick and tired of people claiming exceptions to common-sense rules (and making a big fuss about it at the same time) because they claim their religious freedoms will be infringed upon... while everyone else has to comply, and regularly do so with no issue.
  12. You might be right... so long as there IS such a rule. I'd like to know for sure. If not, it's just a petty official trying to rule the roost without the authority to justify it.
  13. I would imagine that, as the custodian of his employer's property, he has the right to determine if someone is trespassing on said property, and ask them to leave/refuse service.

    That's how I see it as an armchair lawyer :p lol
  14. There's more to this story than meets the eye, pardon the metaphor. I don't believe any Australian law prohibits the burkha, and even if one did, the driver was clearly ill-advised in making this hill one he wanted to die on, so to speak.

    As has been noted many times here, such clothing is NOT Islamic in origin or intepretation, but is centuries old in the Arab cultures, originating in a face mask against sand storms. The Koran does not mention it, merely requiring both men and women to dress modestly, (as does the New Testament, by the way).

    The lady wants re-education for the bus driver; clearly there is a need for re-education in the Islamic culture too, since the wearing of such garments is not required, and only serves to perpetuate the perception of oppression of women by the religion.

  15. Again I'll ask the question...why would someone want to cover their face??
  16. I always do what the bus driver asks.

    I mean, apart from Judge Dread, he is the law!
  17. And Judge Judy..
  18. In this case, it could - possibly - be because she doesn't want to be stared at or leered at by men. Problem?

    Leaving aside that the operation of the bus will be under conditions laid down by the state, not the bus company... What on earth would make that trespass? Because HE says so? Not nearly good enough, unless he has the law on his side.

    I think Paul's take on this is about right. I personally find the face coverings distasteful and the concept should be challenged with discussion and debate in this country at least. But neither should petty tyrants go around making up their own rules about public conduct.
  19. And covering their face will stop that ????
    That comment was even sillier than your public nudity one.
  20. because the husbands are very jelous of other men looking at their wifes, if they want to bring their scarf laws here to Australia then lets bring the full law, like stone them to death for showing their ankles, stone all gay lovers, when a female is born, kill it cause its not a male, etc etc, sad but true, world war 3 is coming :LOL: