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Bus driver bashed, motorcycle destroyed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. :roll: Gees, if your going to confront some one, at least park your bike some place where it cant be run over.. :roll:


    A Bus driver has been bashed and a motorcycle destroyed in a bizarre road rage incident in inner suburban Melbourne.

    A Victoria Police spokeswoman said a National Bus Company bus driver accidentally cut off two motorcyclists near the intersection of City Road and Market Street shortly before 11pm (AEDT) yesterday.

    In retaliation, the motorcyclists closed in on the bus at a red light, she said.

    One parked his bike in front of the bus and got off it.

    The bus driver drove his bus forward over the parked motorbike, dragging the riderless bike for several hundred metres.

    When the bus stopped again, one of the riders smashed its door and windscreen and assaulted the driver, the spokeswoman said.

    The damaged motorcycle caught fire, but one of the riders put it out with a fire extinguisher from a nearby service station.

    Three passengers aboard the bus were not injured and were transferred to another bus.

    Police arrested one of the motorcyclists and were questioning him, while his companion was released pending further inquiries.

    The bus driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries and could face driving charges.
  2. Came across this last night. Police, ambo's, fire trucks, road blocked, the lot.

    Now for the speculation as to who it is :shock:
  3. I think he meant this link


    Well here's another one then that uses slightly different wording :p


    Seriously though, how stupid was the riders for parking in the bus zone in the first place and not allowing the bus to get in? That's just plain rude considering how much we complain that cars don't let motorcycles through. Courtesy given doesn't cost the earth. Still I have to admit haven't heard the motorcyclist's POV so don't know the whole story. For all I know, they could've been caught out getting their gear on and the bus driver mistaking that they wouldn't let him in. But I still say stupid place to park!
  4. My wife started to commute to work from Blackburn to Caulfield by 125cc Scooter last year.

    She has had a motorcycle licence for almost 20 years, previous bike was a BMW R80.

    The first vehicle to try and kill her (cut her off) was - a Bus.

    She keeps coming home recently and complaining about the number of cars and buses that keep trying to kill her during her daily commutes......

    Time to bring back the Look Bike campaign????? Perhaps, especially in view of the recent rider deaths.

    I don't support Road Rage - but, this happens to us all too often. It will certainly highlight a problem/common rider complaint. Controversy - its the only way riders get noticed. :( :cry:
  5. Have you ever seen buses in action these days? Nobody wants to let them in even when they do the right thing, so unfortunately, they get aggressive and start forcing their way. Considering that you're meant to give way to them, I don't really blame them.

    A Good Rider will be on the lookout for buses and give way to them.
  6. i heard this driver on the radio this morning.... i think this other language was probably english... the driver barely speaks it.
  7. what radio station/time? (i monitor the media so i have access to recordings of all radio programs.) i would be interested to listen to it and read the transcript we produce.

    nova 100 7am report is similar:

    'A serious road rage incident occurred overnight in South Melbourne. A bus driver was attacked by a motorcyclist after he allegedly tried to move him out of the bus lane. Unidentified female Victoria Police officer says the motorcycle rider 'surrounded' the bus when it stopped at a red light, the bus then drove forward dragging one bike without its rider for a few hundred metres. The biker then climbed aboard and attacked the driver. '
  8. Gotta loooove the media... :roll:

    Anyway if the bus driver, in his nice big bus, didn't think he did anything wrong ( :roll: ) why would he run over the bike to get away?
    I'd've just sat on the horn till they dispersed... horns become very loud and draw lots of attention, esp when sounded for over 10 seconds ;)
  9. 3AW approx 7:45.
  10. You really have to love the mdia angle.
    Buss driver attacked by motorcyclist after he tries to get the rider to move the bike.

    Not Rider retaliates after Buss driver intentionaly causes Criminal damage to the motorcyclists vehicle.
  11. v. true, being why the bus driver is the one facing charges,
  12. Actually, it states he may face charges. The riders seem to facing assault and criminal damages. As for how the incident goes, Herald Sun is saying one thing, the Age another.
  13. I saw on 9 news this morning the bloke getting questioned.
    He looked like the sort that hangs out at Lygon street, wearing a white tracksuit..... :roll:

    I first thought it was the post ride from the Mystery ride!!!! :shock:
  14. In my newspaper this morning, (HS), pages 5 and 9 are identical except for the ads at the bottom. Apprentice printer, one may presume?
  15. I'd agree with this. Riders must be prepared to "out guess" all vehicles on our roads with 4 wheels of more...and be prepared to get out of their way, whether the other vehicle is in the wrong or not - its too late to argue after one has been run over.....even if the law says the cage driver is in the wrong.
  16. The Bennos personal rule of roads -

    Whoever is right or wrong, bigger vehicle wins, f* proving a point the hard way.
  17. And yep, everyone on the road is meant to give way to buses when they're pulling out, and no-one does, so bus drivers have definitely started just shoving in anyway. As has been said, we need to watch ahead and anticipate. Bus drivers also have pretty limited visibility, and can be distracted by crap going on on the bus, so best to treat with extreme caution.
  18. Heard about this this morning... but based on the radio, I couldn't work out who did what to initiate the incident.

    Make no mistake, there is absolutely no leniency in courts for being the road rager. If you were done wrong by another road user and blow your top as a result... you will be held accountable for your actions.

    Anyone know what kind of bike got roadrashed??
  19. ta
  20. Interesting to compare the different takes on the incident by the media, in particular.

    Herald Sun
    Interesting how the Herald Sun puts the blame solely on the riders.