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International Burt Munro NZ ride - 2015 - Video Download link

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by HardHat50, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. We rode from Hamilton to Invercargill NZ and back in 2015.

    The resulting video's have been broken up into each days riding so if you are thinking of doing this next year you can see the roads& conditions etc. I hope you like the video production, it ended up taking over 9ninedays to do it, longer than the damn ride!!

    In 2015 there were over 5000 bikes and attendees to the event and it was well worth it we all had a great ride with some challenging conditions. I rode with some locals who knew the roads pretty well and the basic plan was to choose what route when we hit the South Island (east, middle or west coast) We decided to go with the middle road and through stunning roads. So as long as you can see the whole road in front of you, you can go as hard as you dare. The South Island has some of the most aggressive river rock tar-seal (bitumen for Aussies) in the world, tough on tyres but great grip viewing fantastic roads and beautiful scenery.

    Police were very kind and seem to not bother you when riding in a group, we were up to 120 in places when passing Police and they did not stop.

    Things to take are arctic gloves, good head scarf, wet weather gear. Watch out for Left hand drive tourists in campervans driving on the wrong side of the road (guy killed there this year) because they hop off a plane tiered, start driving and then forget! Also you have to watch out for farmers crossing the roads slowly in farm vehicles (the road is just a break in the paddocks for them)

    Here is the link, you can download each video (100meg) or watch on the site (degrades a bit)

    Dropbox - Burt Munro Ride - NZ 2015
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  2. I watched all your vids - great roads. Brought back some great memories of Queen Charlotte Drive, The Wongamoa's, Nelson, Motueka and Takaka Hill from when i lived there. I love the Lewis Pass down south. Good stuff - glad you had fun.
  3. Thanks mate, we had a ball. One of life's best rides so far.