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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by mattb, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Had lunch at Macdonalds yesterday and sitting nearby were four young ladies in full black tents. Not a good look.

    Today at lunch at Hungry Jacks, I sat near four young women in full very colourful Muslim garb. I must admit, the burqas are definitely better at Hungry Jacks
  2. LOL!!!!!!! :rofl: good one!
  3. i dunno whether to laugh or reach through teh interwebz and slap you
  4. Oh , so funny!
  5. why? it's not racist. it's just an excellent play on words.
  6. oh just laugh....... it's more fun.
  7. That is the funniest thing i have read today.
  8. exactly, but a bad joke deserves a such an instinctive reaction

    love it matt
  9. never said it was racist did i? i was actually laughing when i wrote that, but it was a 'that's so lame it's funny' laugh
  10. Dad joke!!of the week
  11. yeah i was just making sure. too many people tiptoe around everything these days
  12. I received it in an email and I thought, "Ffs, another right wing email from some family member...do they really not know me at all?!" That made the punch line even funnier. I was tempted to put it in Off Topic for similar effect.

    If I didn't notice the dad-jokery aspect of it, does that mean I'm too far gone?
  13. Nope. Dad jokes are awesome.
  14. Agreed. Nothing beats a cringe worthy dad joke.
  15. ...I like it!!.. very funny!!... [​IMG]
  16. Oh and everyone can just....burqa off?

    I'm PROUD to be a dad (of 3) so i'm immune to any 'dad' joke ribbing!!
  17. Yeh I'm a dad of (too many) and I love those roll of the eyes corny look then give me.
  18. ROFL. told that the the fiance and housemate... everyone laughed :D
  19. I'll bet Hornet wishes it was his...

    I wish I'd thought of it :)
  20. ..........

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