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Burnley tunnel breakdown

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by duncan_bayne, May 4, 2012.

  1. Had fun this morning ...

    She charged the battery fine when I dropped her off at the workshop to have the engine rebuilt. Now she doesn't. I suspect a loose connection or short somewhere.
  2. YIKES!! How close were those vehicles? What happens if a CAR breaks down, there's nowhere to stop???
  3. One of my nightmare places to breakdown - in a car or on a bike. How long before they sent someone?
  4. We (meaning me and the surprisingly nice, friendly CityLink chap called Matt) rigged up a solution: tie a battery jump-start pack to the pack-rack, take the seat off, run her total loss off the pack and ride her out standing on the pegs :)

    Only took them about five minutes to close down the lane, and around ten to have a van out. Long minutes though :-/
  5. In other news, the workshop is sending someone out in a van to pick her up & figure out what's going on.

    I'm betting on a loose connection or a short introduced during the tear-down and rebuild. She's had a new alternator recently, and she was charging fine when she went into the shop last ...
  6. Getting real cosy there. Glad to know you're unharmed.
  7. If a vehicle brakes down, they close that lane...traffic banks up for kilometers until it is cleared. Each lane has an overhead sign saying displaying speed limit/X (closed)/O (still don't know wtf that means)/ and arrow (merging). They also close the left lane if there is an accident outside the tunnels so that emergency crew can get to it quickly.

    Same here...I ride through it every day and hate to be broken down in it!
  8. Update: seems the previous owner bodged up the stator - nothing soldered. According to the Mototecnic guys it just failed, actually melting the wiring. So ... on the lookout for a second-hand unit, and if not, we'll get an auto-electrician to rewire it.

  9. Yeah I go through twice a day too....
  10. And even more good news - only the peripheral wiring burned; the stator itself tests okay. So she should be good to go this evening.

    I think I'll take the Mototecnic folks a slab of beer.
  11. Yep, was bad enough when I ran out of fuel on the other side of that tunnel. At least there, there was somewhere to squeeze over, tho not enough room to get off the bike without being collected by passing traffic. Had to push my way further up the road until I came to a bit of a leeway. By then, I'd flattened an already shitty battery (hazards), so had to call the guys out to rescue me LOL. The Citylink guys had a beaut bike trailer; very easy to get the bike up on, considering I had to do it myself. Don't know why - maybe they were afraid of dropping it.
  12. That wouldn't of been fun... good to know you are okay and the bikes okay.
  13. If you breakdown in a car the city link van will push you out they have a large piece of rubber On the front of the van
  14. Glad to see you got out of that one ok, not sure i would have been sitting right next to the bike just incase someone did hit it before the lane was closed.

    Cool fact as well, if you breakdown/flat tyre/ out of fuel etc on Citylink the recovery is free and any towing is free up until you you leave Citylink owned road. The wife got a flat in the Burnley tunnel and managed to get to the outside, Citylink dude was there within 10mins while she was on the phone about to join RACV Assist for $400 or something stupid, told her to hang up cos he was there to fix her flat for free. Problem was she doesn't have a spare (yay BMW) so they called the towie, he picked up the car and only started charging for kms once they passed Toorak Rd on the Monash. So to get the car picked up and towed to Tyrepower on Blackburn rd at 4am in the morning only cost us $30 or so instead of $400-ish with RACV.