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burning smell after ride

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Arnas, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. This morning after getting to work I could smell as if something was burning, couldn't really see any oil leakage so slightly confused as to what could possibly be wrong.

    I've purchased my 2012 CB400 from a dealer last week so still covered by warranty I might pop in and let them check it this saturday if I can't figure it out
  2. Has the chain been lubricated since you bought it? It will get hot if you don't. You might have just splashed something on the exhaust, too.
  3. Might be someone else's vehicle, but if it smells the same at home get it back in ASAP.
  4. If i haven't lubed the chain in a while it can smell..
    Make sure you're lubing it at least after every 2nd tank of fuel or 300kms if you want to do it at smaller intervals.

    Also, lube it after a run so the chain is nice and warm and the lube penetrates the chain easier.
  5. yeah I haven't done any of that yet. I've done plenty of riding over weekend. since I bought it last week I probably did nearly 600-700kms already, so probably would be good idea to check the chain and oil levers. Would it be very bad for the bike or chain if I was to ride it to work tomorrow before I get something for my chain? because bike is currently my only means of transport
  6. That should be fine, just don't go riding interstate or anything. Check there isn't some gunk on the exhaust though. Something splashing up from a puddle could be all the smell is. You still need to lube your chain regardless, just get some on the way home from work.
  7. oh now i'll have to get a bike stand as well! lol
    would this be the right way
  8. A stiff brush is a real good way to trash your o-rings. They're very popular with the "gotta shine everything!" crowd, not with the "too busy riding to have a name" crowd. iow it can do more harm than good. "Properly clean" my a$s. Just wipe the road grime off the chain with a rag when you lube it. If you REALLY want to clean it, spray some WD40 on a rag and just wipe the chain, let it dry for a minute to get rid of the solvent, then lube it (with o/x/z-ring suitable lube) and wipe off any excess with a rag. That's it. Harsh cleaning chemicals and stiff brushes can shorten the chain life dramatically.
  9. I can smell burning rubber when I fart
    if I lube my chain will it go away?
  10. That depends. Is the chain on your g-string chromed or teflon coated?
  11. ArnasArnas your chain will be fine for work and for the rest of the week.

    Lubing the chain prolongs its life, and the sprockets as well.

    When i got mine i rode it for about 1000kms before i new what lubing was.

    I have a spray lube with a straw thing poking from the nozzle.

    Ride the bike around the block or so for 5-10 mins, then when you get back home spray lube on the chain then gently move the bike forward and lube the next section and continue till you've done a full lap of the chain. The warm chain will mean the lube sinks in.

    ** Be wary of getting lube on the tire, use a piece of cardboard as a sheild if you're heavy handed with the spray

    I was taught, and i'm sure theres a million ways/reasons, to lube every 300 kms (every tank) and to clean my chain completely (and re lube) every 3000 kms.

    I normally do this on a Sunday arvo as I ride to work every day and i go through a tank once a week of normal riding. I also check my tires pressures as well at the same time.

    The chain should get a nice clean and lube when you take it in for service but considering the services are 6k apart, you'll need to clean yours midway through the cycle.

  12. Well from what I was told my bike just had its 18,000 km service done (it's around 187xx now) so perhaps it should be fine just re-lubricating. Could the smell be because of oil or anything to do with clutch?
  13. Not the clutch, no. The clutch is inside the engine cases and runs in the engine oil. Check the exhaust system for anything that could have splashed up off the road, it's the most common source for odd smells.
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  14. I'll do it tomorrow morning prior to going to work. I might just book in a session with one of the bike schools or even try to find a mechanic for a quick lesson on how to maintain my bike
  15. Sounds like a plan..

    Essentially though, if you take it to get serviced then your 2 main points of concern are the tire pressures and chain being looked after.

    Also do a pre ride check.

    Check your lights, indicators, horn if you want. I turn the hazards on and walk around the bike to make sure all 4 globes work. For the back brake light i press it in the garage before i start the bike (that way i see the light reflect off the roller door).
    Check your chain free play, make sure it looks lubricated / wet
    Check your tire pressures.
    Check your clutch/brake levers
    Do a visual check of your fluids via the markers.

    Im sure theres other things i've missed but i think that covers the general checks you should be doing.

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  16. awesome list! thanks a lot for your help, hopefully now it will stop pouring rain here in Sydney and I'll be able to do it all outside rather than be stuck working in underground parking
  17. Left glove goes on first.
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  18. Put on my right one the very first time I jump on the bike. Realized my key was still my right pocket and camera wasn't turned ON (mounted on right side). Never again will I make same mistake
  19. Don't put your helmet on if you have your sunnies on.. That can hurt! :)
  20. #20 cjvfr, Jan 27, 2015
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    Don't you believe it :) I still occasionally realise I haven't done up my helmet strap after I have gloves on. You end up developing a little routine but if someone interrupts the routine you end up gettting something out of order..
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