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Burning oil? Not sure

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by JimmyGenesis, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Heya,

    Wondering if anyone here would be able to shed some light on my issue (not a real big one, well, i hope not =P) for my cbr250rr

    Anyway, I've noticed, after a ride my bike "smells" now i assume this is fairly normal, but apparently it can be quite noticeable. I had a mate follow me ona ride to see.

    Now, it smells like burning oil, but you can sometimes notice the smell of petrol. It doesn't blow any smoke, well not that i've noticed, even when starting it cold.

    I've done a google and most of them pointed me to valve stem seals, but most say it is a minor problem, it starts and runs fine, doesnt seem to suck up petrol either (around 220 km? havent pushed it to reserve yet).

    But, ive noticed taht the oil seems to be so close the the top line once the bike is warm and standing up etc, to the point where it could be over filled. Would this be a possible cause?

    So really what i'm asking is,

    Is it bad for the engine?

    If so, how much would it cost to have it sorted?

  2. drain some oil and see if it helps, if its overfull it could be a cause. Also being a high revving engine, you will burn a small amount of oil. Is the bike tuned well, air fuel mixtures ok ? If it were valve stem seals it would possibly blow smoke, and even more so on start up i would think. A few things to check before you start pulling engine apart. :)
  3. I'd assume it is alright, starts fine nearly everytime, only struggled the otherday but it was cold and i completely forgot you can use choke =P. But yea, i'm not sure how i could check if it is? Other than that, idles well, but seems to idle more around 1900 rpm after riding for 10 mins (with a bit of a thrash included)

    Not sure if that says anything :/
  4. You'll know if it's burning oil because you'll need to top the oil up fairly often.

    You do check your oil often, right?

    My bike uses a bit, 5 Valve head, yamaha says 1L/1000km is normal.

    If you don't need to top up the oil between changes, it could just be a small oil leak that finds it way onto the headers, or an overflow from the crankcase, airbox, etc.
  5. I might change the oil and filter in the next couple of weeks, but not over fill it (like it may or may not be).

    Is it a simple job, ie: like changing the oil and filter on my yz250f?

    EDIT: and yea, i've checked the oil 3 times since i've owned it, roughly a month.
  6. If the oil level is right on the line after the bike has just been ridden, then it might be overfilled because there will still be oil inside the engine that takes a little while to drain back into the sump.

    The line indicators on your dip stick are only accurate if you use them the way they are intended to be used. You should consult a service manual to find out what the specific procedure for check the oil on your bike is. For that engine, it is probably something along the lines of running the bike for a few minutes, then allowing the bike to sit for a minute, then check the oil.
  7. I'm betting it's running too rich. Needs the carbies tuning. I don't think there is a well tuned cbr250rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in Australia.
  8. K so went out for 15 mins on the bike, cam home, got changed and then checked the oil. I was standing over the bike holding it up with my legs (not sitting) was flat (well a few degrees of leniency ;)) and got the following results. Note the oil isn't as bad as the piccys may show, camera phone isn't brilliant.

    Now i'm new to dipsticks ( my yz doesnt have one ) and it seems to be (completely) overfilled??

    Hope pics work ](*,)

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  9. Are there any marks on there?

    Seriously though, I'm betting the bike is running rich. This will produce a dirty exhaust and a dirty exhaust mist not dissimilar to blue smoke. It will also smell petroly
  10. yea where i've circled, is after the second notch.

    The exhaust is dirty as if it has been running rich, but previous owner was running 98 the whole time, and i havent given it a clean (any tips on how too?). I'm only running 91 as per google research suggests.
  11. giving it a good fanging will blow a lot out, then clean near the tip with low odour kero.