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Burning clutch - mad housemate

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by philmydang, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. So my housemate just bought himself a new car and brought it home last night. We have a super steep driveway and he managed to jam the front bumper into the concrete before I told him to stop. So the car is stopped on a downward decline with its nose in the ground, he asks if I could help him reverse it back out - as he hasn't been driving stick for very long.
    So i backed it out for him, was abit nervous myself and revved abit high about 3500rpm. There was a waft of toasty clutch after that and now he thinks I've destroyed his car. I'm quite sure that its fine, but he doesn't even want to drive it now for fear that it's completely rooted! How do I convince him otherwise?? Im actually feeling super guilty (enough to share with you guys).

  2. If his clutch burnt out in one go he bought a lemon. If he's such a princess he wont touch it to find out then fuck him, let him stew on it.

    Harsh but fair.
  3. Tell him he broke it because he's shit at driving stick.
  4. name and shame so motorcyclist can keep away from him
  5. If the clutch was close enough to dying that one steep driveway toasted it then it was 99% rooted anyway.

    If he doesn't believe you then tell him to take you to court for the money!
  6. Wait, what car was it? I've done a few dumps (read: awesome racing starts) in mine and it's still going on the original clutch 125000km later.

    Nothing like the smell of burning clutch in the morning.
  7. It's an 07 mazda 3 sp-something or other.

    We are friends so I don't think it'll go to court. I suppose he just needs a can of HTFU, which I will offer him tonight.
  8. Take him for a spin in it then, and don't rev the tits off it this time.
  9. Was there smoke pouring out from under it? No, then you didn't root a good clutch.
  10. If slipping the clutch under any kind of load for more than a couple of seconds you're going to usually smell burnt clutch. Perfectly normal. There's no problem.
  11. Mazda 3 SP and MPS's are notorious for blowing slushboxes and drive shafts. Neither of these would smell like a clutch though.
  12. So he bought a car that doesn't have the clearance to get up the driveway where he lives? Tosser!!!

    I live at the top of a steep road, and have a very steep driveway. I have been amused to watch several people rev the crap out of their cars and slip the clutch all the way up the driveway, when all it really requires is to have a little momentum at the bottom of the drive, and keep going rather than stop and try to take off again while on the slope.

    Needless to say, these cars have blown a great deal of clutch matter out into the air while burning up nicely. None of the have failed. It was just embarassing for the driver.

    The best was a small diesel truck that backed up the drive to deliver soil. The driver just kept on slipping the clutch, stopping, then starting again, instead of just backing straight up to the top. Huge cloud of clutch smoke. Smelt like truly roasted clutch. Looked like a small nuclear explosion had gone off under the truck. When the smoke cleared he delivered the soil and drove off most concerned, but the truck was still working.

    So, tell your friend to HTFU. Do take him for a drive to show the car still works, and see if you can drift the rear end under full power slides around corners. Difficult in a front wheel drive, but not impossible.
  13. Simple solution. Get a new housemate. :)
  14. Tell your mate to take it straight to the nearest river and push it in.
    Then to go and buy himself a set of balls, let go of the girlycarts and buy a man car, no matter how much he tries he'll never be the man his mother was..
  15. Driving stick? :roll:
    Are we becoming such an americanised place here in Australia we can't say driving a manual??????
    Please think before typing folks.