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Burning CDs and DVDs with Vista - Fail

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TarmacSamurai, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. OK, I know most people consider Vista to be crap. Let's take that as a given.

    However, I can't burn CDs or DVDs any more using the Windows default (drag and drop to burn) thing. I can still burn CDs from iTunes. I downloaded a trial version of Nero to test that and it burned CDs and DVDs fine. So it's not the burner, just the native burning software on Windows.

    Any suggestions on how I can correct this?

    If not, is there a decent, free burning software I can download just to make backup CDs and DVDs?

  2. Alcohol 120% I like it. Free - depending on your definition of the word
  3. I use Deepburner which is free and functional but pretty basic
  4. Basic is fine - purely for backing up.

    Any ideas why the native Vista burner is crapping out though?
  5. Restore point?
  6. Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009 Advanced - much like Nero in interface (better IMO) but you can get it free.

    Go here for details on how to get it and register it.

    And yes its legit.
  7. +1 restore is your friend.
  8. I'm actually pretty interested as to why this is not working. Do you get errors or what? Whats the story?
  9. Have the same problem when I try to burn with the live (drag and drop) formatting option. But if i choose the mastered option it works perfectly fine.
    Have you tried this?

    For me it stops half way through the formatting process (for live) and never completes it. Then if you try to cancel it, the whole computer freezes up. :?
  10. Also try DVDFab.
  11. Hello! I haven't posted in ages!

    I had a hell of a time trying to burn a disc on my dad's computer with vista installed, and i was sort of in a hurry too. I was using the vista burn program...the window i was looking at had a loading bar sort of inside it, and it started loading and then sort of froze... i think in the end i didn't burn the disc and i cancelled the job because i had no idea what it was doing and decided i'd use my laptop instead, then like 2 days later it said something like, ready to burn disc... oh i dunno it was just completely el crapo. So yes. :)
  12. Thanks for the suggestions so far. What happens on my laptop is that it goes through the burn process, takes ages but everything appers to be fine. Then, when you take the disc out, there's nothing on it.

    Green289 - not sure what you mean about the mastered version? Can you explain that and I'll give it a try.
  13. Incidentally, this has been the case for months and I just haven't got around to doing anything, so I don't think the restore point is really an option!
  14. You put a blank disc in your drive and a little window should pop up "prepare this blank disc".

    At the bottom left hand side of the window you should see "show formatting options".

    Click on it. The default option is "live file system". Change it to "mastered". See if you can burn a disc now. Works for me.
  15. Well, what do you know. That worked perfectly.

    Bloody weird, but by far the simplest solution so far. Thanks!
  16. Great! You will need to change the formatting option to mastered every time
    you want to burn something. It doesn't save the changed settings.
  17. That's easy enough to remember. Finally I can make some backups again!