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Burning bike on way to work this morning.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. On my way to work this morning I saw a column of black smoke coming up on the opposite side of the road which turned out to be a bike in flames. I stopped and joined the rapidly gathering crowd, and being the only other biker there went over to the very agitated rider to see if there was anything I could do, there wasn't of course, but I just couldn't stand there and watch the poor bugger as his bike went up in smoke. A guy in a ute soon pulled up with a fire extinguisher, and hosed the bike which appeared to go out, but then flamed up again within less than a minute. The rider was a young bloke in his 20's who had only had the bike a few days, and he was devastated. It was a silver Honda cruiser of some kind, I don't know all the cruiser models, but it was a 750 I think. The rider said he was dawdling along in traffic when he smelled something electrical and the bike started to misfire. He pulled over to the kerb and when he got off he saw first smoke coming from under the seat, and then flames. It took about 2 minutes to become a ball of flame and for the tank to go up. I have been riding 40 years and that is the first bike I have ever seen catch fire outside a race track, I found it quite profoundly disturbing. The worst thing is that the poor bugger only had third party insurance, so he has lost the lot.

  2. On the bright side he's now got a lawn ornament with a great story behind it...

    Damn shame though, poor bastard.
  3. Ah well..as long as no one got hurt...
    Hondas burn rather well actually :wink: :LOL: I remember a Honda 750/4 in the doughnut ring at Bathurst one year..85?80?..anyway somone threw a lit toilet roll in,and whoosho!! :LOL:
  4. Man, that has gotta suck. :cry:

    Good thing he's okay, though. He could have had some serious damage done.

    And if it was brand new, it should be under warranty. Bikes don't just go up in smoke for no reason, and my understanding has always been that Hondas are pretty reliable bikes.
  5. Doesn't third party cover fire and theft? I know if Vic it does.

  6. Yup,Unheard of,eh...
  7. Hey, you could be right there, it's so long since I had anything but fully comp I just assumed. He definitely thought he had no cover though, but he was pretty fresh to the whole riding deal, so he could be in for a pleasant surprise. The bike wasn't new, I could tell it wasn't a current model.

    EDIT - I looked up the pics, and I think it was a Honda Magna 750 V4, which I don't think was an official Oz import at all. http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/roadtests/honda_magna_750/photo_02.html
  8. JohnG. I didn't say it was unheard of, just that it doesn't happen for no reason whatsoever.
  9. If he had bought it from a dealer, and it went up because of a fault then the dealer is probably liable if it was as fresh out of the dealers as he sais.
  10. Yeah I was just about to post that... I have full comp on my bike, but for my car I've got third party, fire & theft!!

    It depends what cover he had, as with car insurance you can get the cheapest cover which is ONLY third party, or you can go for the level up which covers third party, fire & theft!!

    Hope for his sake he had the fire & theft in his policy :?
  11. It depends if it was a brand new bike or second hand... as brand new you'd get dealer warranty standard, but if you buy second hand you have to pay for a dealer warranty as an extra!!
  12. nope, only one insurance company offers fire and theft for bikes. I think it QBE? but the others say no cos its too risky.

    (else id go park my bike in front of rmit for awhile)
  13. There is a difference between "Third Party Insurance" and "Third Party - Fire & Theft Insurance".

    Poor bugger probably only had the former.
  14. now know as the honda MAGMA by all his friends... :LOL:

    ooops sorry to hear of you loss... please dont shooot me... :oops:

  15. oooh cruel, just too cruel....
  16. SHIT

    Never seen a bike go up in flames on the streets. Hope he's okay though. Can't imagine how i'd feel if i was riding my cbr and then flames just go everywhere!!!! :(
  17. hey if hed only had the bike a couple of days couldnt it be faulty merchindise?
  18. Hey eswen, why don't you upgrade your insurance to fire and theft, then buy a box of matches?
  19. yep, have to agree, I've never seen a street bike on fire.. (plenty of race bikes, though, it's great for hard-working photographers on cold winter race days :LOL:)

    Rotten luck for the guy, and, as you say what DO you say while you stand there and watch it frizzle up???
  20. what are you trying to insinuate? :wink: arson? :LOL: