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Burned out headlight reflectors

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Azz, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Headlights on both my 2010 F650GS and my wife Jadey's 2008 F650GS have burned holes through the reflectors, standard wattage bulbs used the whole time, not happy as new headlights for both bikes are probably going to cost >$1500 AUD [​IMG]

    Anyone else have this problem, if so what was BMW's reaction to it and any advice for me as I'm just about to get in contact with BMW Australia in regards to the obvious fault on both of our F650's?

    The 3 pics below are of my Headlight from my 2010 F650GS



    Below is the headlight from my wifes 2008 F650GS, the fog inside the headlight glass is caused by the same problem as on my bike, but hers has burned through the reflector on both the low and high beams
  2. That's pretty sad, if they are stock globes as you say. Looks like a high resistance connection on the connecting plug. High resistance coupled with the globes high current turns into heat. I think you have a good case to present to BMW.
  3. BMW are good when things are in warranty, not so good when out. Have you searched to see if this is a common issue?

    My R1150RT has a reasonable headlight, no issues with it, and the brand new K1600GT has maybe the worlds most exe headlight, so it better not happen to that!
  4. I was looking on ADV Rider but couldn't see any posts with the same problem so posted up asking if anyone had it?
    Every bulb was purchased & /or installed at a BMW service centre around Oz, have always the original wattage bulbs on both bikes and the fault has happened to both bikes after 50,000kms. Coupled with melted handgrips on both bikes, not too impressed as both are expensive fixes of faults that shouldn't occur. Our first set of handgrips melted within a year and got replaced under warranty, the current ones have melted out of warranty so I just put foam grip savers over them to keep them roadworthy and only cost about $20
  5. Cam the plug on the back of my headlight bulb (inside the headlight housing, not the plug at the rear outside the housing) has melted but I didn't get a photo of that and it's raining outside so I'll take one tomorrow ;-)
  6. I'll be interested to see where BMW sit with this....
  7. me too tweet, obvious fault somewhere on both bikes and every service even when travelling around Australia on them was carried out by the due service date and at BMW service centres...
  8. Lots of replies and similar problem on ADV Rider, will be a known problem from BMW & should be a recall going by how many have same issue. Will definitely be making noise now!
  9. I thought it would be the case that it is common, either that or you were bullshitting about standard globes because the chances of you having 2 of the same bike model, same burnt reflector problem and being the only one in the world was pretty slim.

    If you are the original owner, pressure them with the notion these 2 will be your last 2 Beemers, and you are soon going to replace them, even if that's not the intention.
  10. Yep original owners of both mine and my wife's bikes, just really disappointed given the cost to replace.
    Not really sure who to contact at BMW, will spend some time on the phone tomorrow and see what happens. Otherwise ACCC if BMW try to fob me off, as I'll be saving links to all the other reported same issue and they can't get away with pleading ignorance to the problem.
  11. Fair Trading is your port of call not ACCC. Notwithstanding the lack of warranty, there is fit for purpose and merchantable quality legislation, and I would hazard that a bike of this value, and from this marque could be expected to have a headlight that lasts longer than 4 years for the 2010 model, not sure how you will fair with the 08 model.
  12. Thanks Tweet, yeah I've got the legislation bookmarked coz I had another high end product fail after warranty period but we'll before the expected life of the product. If I can get my headlight covered that's better than having to fork out for 2 new headlights, contacted every 2nd hand BMW parts supplier I know of and only one had a headlight for my bike but cracked glass.
    Will see what tomorrow brings...
  13. Azz, have you contacted the dealer you bought the bikes from? That would be the first move, not talking about ACCC, Fair Trading or BMW Australia.

    If the dealer can't/won't help, then go to Mulgrave who are usually very helpful: they have helped me on a couple of occasions when the dealer dragged their backsides.

    At least give BMW a chance before talking about complaining to the 'authorities'!
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  14. I bought both bikes from BMW launceston, I live in Melbourne, only reason I was talking BMW australia as they're in Mulgrave. BMW launceston have always been great to deal with, that's why we bought both bikes there
  15. Read my posts, I said I was going to contact BMW but if they ignore me or dismiss it I will go to fair trading as these are bikes from a marquee manufacturer and should not experience this problem in 4years/50,000kms of use! There's been several recalls on our bikes already (chain/sprockets/water hose/front brake disc/fuel sensor), this is not an uncommon problem, it's a worldwide issue on our model bike and they will be accountable for it!
  16. Anyone with any experience in this area will already know that you must afford the manufacturer the opportunity to address your issue before you will even get a start at Fair Trading, and the OP stated he was going to do that in the opening post.

    As an owner of 2 BMW bikes, I'm going to be very interested to see how they handle this.
  17. I emailed BMW Launceston this morning and received an reply stating that they had not personally seen this fault on my model before and to contact my nearest BMW Motorrad Dealer (which is Doncaster) and BMW Australia.
    I have since forwarded the email to both BMW Doncaster and BMW Australia and will await their response, hopefully early next week.
    I am bikeless (and without a vehicle all together as my bike is my only vehicle) until I get a new headlight, so hopefully this will be sorted quickly?
  18. I'm with tweet, looking forward to seeing the outcome.

    I own a BMW and I bought it from Doncaster....
  19. Will post up an outcome as soon as I receive a reply...
  20. The thing with out of warranty things is that the dealer rarely will go into bat for you with the manufacturer, particularly where factory warranty expired some time ago. I would personally approach BMW directly, and if they want to come to the party, they will ask which dealer is convenient to do the work to fit if necessary.