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Burn them at the stake

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by say_wat, May 1, 2007.

  1. Some son of a mother f*cking piece of shit f*cker decided it would be a good idea to extinguish their cigarette on my motorcycle while it was parked in the back of my apartments. There is a hole thru my bike cover and possibly some paint blistering on the bike itself (haven't checked). Hope they die and burn in hell :evil: :evil: :evil:

    I'm just going to write a note to all the people in the apartments letting them know that this shit isn't on... not that it'll help. What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?! don't they have respect for people's property!

  2. don't you think they will do more if you put a notice? unless you put in a hidden camera. may put some curses in the letter as well
  3. Was it intentional, or do you think someone could have just tossed it and didn't realise where it went? :evil:
  4. +1. Are they multi story apartments? Maybe it was someone tossing their butt from a balcony above where your bike was.
    Doesn't make it right tho :(
  5. back in the 70's, I lived in some multi storey accommodation and a particularly obnoxious bloke got picked up every morning at 6am by his mate in a valiant. The mate kept the horn going until his mate woke up, had a shit, shave, brekky etc, then they left .
    Every morning.

    The best bookshelves at that time of my life were bricks and fence palings.

    The bricks moved closer and closer to the balcony, until one morning, a few bricks, managed to spontaneously 'fall' off the balcony, and land on the roof of the valiant.

    He never did this again.

    If I had complained first, I would have been the prime suspect. All the other residents lowered the cone of silence.

    First you have to identify the lowlife. Non smokers are out, slowly eliminate the suspects, work out which one it is and then take your revenge quickly and quietly.
  6. There is a bench next to my bike; i suspect they were sitting there smoking, possibly a little drunk too; causing the damage... There are 6 flats in this block, there is a remote possibility that someone was smoking on the balcony and kept throwing ciggies down; there were atleast a dozen on the floor next to the bike.

    Maybe i will stick a large notice on the bike cover itself...
  7. Maybe go with an official-looking notice (printer and laminator work wonders) that says something like 'this area under security camera surveillance 24 hours'. There's always *something* in the area that the paranoid can convince themselves is a camera...
  8. Yup, black/grey spray-paint and an old 1L milk carton would do the trick :)

    I hate theft of other people's property... and although vandalism/damage isn't technically as bad, it strikes me as far more mindless :evil:

    A kevlar, flame-proof bike-cover and a slow LPG leak in the area should take care of any future attempts to light up near your bike ;)
  9. If you keep the cig butt you might be able to do some detective work . Check the brand name on the butt, work out who smokes that brand in your building. Have a chat to them about the suituation not accusing them of course and see what unfolds.
    This worked for me at home with a parent picking up their child from my place. The mother would but here cig out on my driveway each time she came around.
    I chatted to her and problem solved.
    The good thing though was she was good about the whole thing.
  10. This is a pretty good idea, one thing about smokers - they are habitual. Especially around offices and homes. Love to have a cigarette around the same spot, and often at the same particular time. In some cases, you can set your watch to them.
  11. This is all getting a bit paranoid.

    Any chance someone could have been walking by and flicked it? As in, someone not from your complex? If they did do it once, they'll do it again.
  12. A flicked cigarette does not lodge into a cover and then burn through to the paint.... it bounces off and unto the floor slowly burning away at the bottom of the cover untilt he whole thing goes up in flames - get it right!! :LOL:
  13. i had that happen in chatswoo. some dickhead sat on my bike and put his cigarette out on my tank. blistered up bad.

    serves me right. when at an exclusive club i tossed my fag over the edge of balcony and it landed on someones bonnet. i got up to bolt down and my bf grabbed me by the arm and said 'no! you'll get caught, they'll kick your parents out'.

    i shouldnt av listened to him. the bonnet blistered up a bit. even tho most of the guest had plenty of money, that doesnt make it ok do a hit and run.

    so ok lets get this over with. burn me at the stake
  14. Personally I prefer my stakes med-rare, not burned...

    Too obtuse??
  15. how about a right foot? would that be enough punishment for me? you're probably gunna want it well done [its been a while].
  16. Haha, intentional?
  17. Look at it this way.. be thankful you had a cover on. Better a damaged
    cover than a damaged bike.

    Probably not a good idea sending letters to everyone because that could
    be the thing that motivates someone to start doing real damage to your
  18. I can say one thing... Booby trap. Maybe a sh*tload of kero/feul on the cover, and surrounding area. when they stub the ciggs out again, whoosh! too bad youd lose the bike as well, but hey...

    Seriously, probably a mistake. best get to know youre neighbours.
  19. I've been thinking the same thing; i don't want to provoke attacks based on something that might've occured by mistake. I just wanted to make people aware that this has occured by writing a letter to the residents. I do know some of the people there and they seem like decent people (i've only been here a bout a month) and don't think they did it (atleast not on purpose).

    I'm thinking of writing a warning note and sticking it on the bike that encourages smokers to be careful when smoking near the motorcycle as it has caused damage once.
  20. By the way, i loved some of the deranged ideas :D How about I play with their minds by painting a large red cross on every single door like that horror movie :p