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Burn the advertising scooters.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oztom, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Took a ride into the city yesterday (Melbourne) to have lunch with my wife. There are a few bike parking bays close to her work so I thought it would be easy.

    First bay full with two scooters with billboard trailers sitting there, second bay full with another two ad scooters. I went back to a bay a few streets away I went past that had a spot, that’s right, one more scooter taken my spot.

    I ended up having to park on a crappy bit of footpath.

    Advertise your hearts out, but please don’t use our only parking spots to do it.
  2. Push 'em over!! I'm sure those signs would be difficult to pick up!! :grin:
  3. I'd be careful saying that - there are some Netrider members who do occasional casual work with one of those companies... :LOL:

    I'm not saying who they are - I don't want to embarass them...
    One of them at least is on record saying how much he hates scooters (except when they pay him to ride them) :LOL: :p

    Anyway - that's what footpaths are for isn't it (parking motorcycles) :)

    I do agree though - it is a little unreasonable to take up that much parking. Shame on you gentlemen (you know who you are!) :p
  4. isn't a netrider one of the guys that owns these things?
  5. "A crappy bit of footpath?"

    Listen here, you piece of CHEESE. Our forefathers fought and died for our right to park on that thar footpath. We are the only state in Australia that maintains this basic motorcycling right. Let it be clear: when the footpath is an option, only a RIPE SLICE OF GOUDA would choose the indignity of the white man's parking bay.
  6. those things, along with trucks that cruise around with no other purpose than carrying a billboard are totally morally wrong, waste of resources and space.
  7. Hear HEAR!
  8. I think our undercover scooter rider just outed himself.

  9. Your a piece of CHEESE, thats what I think of you.

    Hey I love that I can park on the footpath, but later in the day all the good spots are taken.

    Taken I’m a white man I’m happy to use the bays.

    I just think it’s a little rough using public parking for commercial advertising when they have so many alternatives, especially when it affects me.
  10. No, I call you a piece of CHEESE, 'cos that's what you are.



    Seriously, are we not men, and motorcycling men at that? We park not within the white lines of society.
  11. You should be parking on the footpath at every available opportunity! How else can you scare little old ladies & run over emo teenagers????? It's not like they hang out in car parks waiting to be run over, you need to get out there & hunt them down!

    As to the advertising scooters, I equate it to being in a top 40 cover band: you're looked down upon my so called "real" musicians, but at least your making money doing the thing you love!

    NB I am not,nor will I ever be in a top 40 cover band, but I would consider riding a two wheeled vehicle all day & get paid for it! :LOL:
  12. Since when is it YOUR spot, do you own all the parking bays do you? Spose you own all the roads to? :?
  13. why park in a motorbike bay down the road, when you can park on the footpath right out front?
  14. I ride around aimlessly on the weekends.
    You reckon I could seel advertizing space on the side of my bike?
    There's bound to be somethnig that would intrest the residents of Reefton & the Alpine Way?
  15. Get some advertising made up in patch form, make yourself some extra cash & a target for the piggies. :grin:
  16. for the ladys.

    'My spot' was figuratively speaking.

    I like parking my new bike in the bays, as i have friends that have had jerks put their smokes out on their seat or dash, or scratch the tank for no other reason than you can park there and they cannot.

    Shaking my head that people dont have a problem with companys using our parking for advertising.
  17. I don't have a problem with them using them if it's just for a half hour or so. We have footpaths to park on and should use them whenever possible. I know Loz was tongue in cheek, but the serious side to it is that people DID fight for our right to park there!

    Some douchebag will put their smoke butt out on your bike whether it's parked on the footpath or in a bay so that's just lame excuse. Sounds to me like you need an underground carpark and 24 hr security guard if you're that paranoid.
  18. Surely the point is not that they're using 'a' spot, but that they're taking up two spots.
  19. See many people standing out in the middle of the road having a smoke do you? I normaly see them standing outside of the offices on the (drum roll) footpath.

    After i get over my new bike i will be more than happy for people to take a dump on it, but right now i'm a little protective of it.
  20. Never heard of that one before - whether here on Netrider or anywhere else. And I've probably heard everything to do with parking problems over the past few years...

    I've heard of people being parked in, having their bikes moved, having their bikes pushed over, having stupid notes left on the bike, and being wrongly booked (a spate of those in recent months).

    Always something new. :roll: