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Burley Tunnel + No fule = Brown pants

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Vitaly, May 6, 2007.

  1. Hi ,

    The day started nice today , me and my friend met up @ brighton beach & disscused where we going to go for a ride .

    Plan was to go down bay street toward St.Kilda onto Esplanade rd towards Port Melbourne and then home trough Burney tunnel .

    Ride was nice & easy lots of riders on the way , good fun :grin: .

    So we came to Port Melbourne had a nice coup of coffee & moved on trough the city to get on the Burnley tunnel . My friend asked if i needed to fuel up before we jump on to city link , i have said no , i had probably 40 kms left before re fuel .

    2 minutes trough the tunnell we positioned our selfs on the left lane , and terrible happened MY BIKE RAN OUT OF FUEL IN MIDDLE OF FRIKKIN TUNEL :shock: , i stopped did not know what the fu.k happened trying to start the bike no luck there , cars trying to avoid me as much as possible , bad things where going through my mind , that is it I AM GOING TO DIE TODAY :shock: , ran across the 4 lines to get to emergency phone to ring 000 , rang police to say i am in deep trouble my bike stopped in the middle of Burnley tunnel , the person on the other side of the line had two seconds of silence :eek: ( not a good thing right ? ) but he said help is on the way !! Any how after 15 min shitting my self , emergency car rocked up , gave $ 10 worth of fuel made sure i was ok etc & then we moved on :grin: . I am still shaken after this .

    New riders check bloody fuel or it could happen to you .
  2. sounds like a good way to get free fuel.... :grin:
  3. Laundry cost may outway the free fuel :shock:
  4. My guess is that if he was given $10 rather than 'enough to get outta trouble, he had to pay for it somehow.
  5. MY Gosh, I would have sh*t myself also if that happened to me .. I will use this as my excuse next time they want me to head to Melb !!
  6. 15 minutes?

    I'd be onto the Herald-Sun & The Age with that story.

    Shit they ban lane changes to increase safety but it takes them 15 minutes to spot a stopped bike in the tunnel.

    I'd want ShittyStink to tell me WHY it took 15 minutes.
  7. And why should you be in trouble? The safety issue is that there is no emergency lane. :)
  8. From memory running out of fuel in the tunnel can equal big fines. You were lucky.
  9. First thing that came to mind is exactly what Vic posted.

    That tunnel is monitored 24/7. You shouldnt have even needed
    to make that call. A vehicle should have arrived within minutes
    of you stopping.
  10. Hey Vitaly...what time did this happen? A Netrider and myself were riding through the tunnel (I think it's the Burnley tunnel! - comes off the Westgate) at approx 5pm.

    We were in the right lane - fair bit of traffic surrounding us and in the lanes to our left when I saw some poor motorcyclist standing next to his motorbike.

    There's absolutely no way we could've stopped to help (too dangerous with all the traffic). I was worried about you though. Glad to hear you're alright.
  11. Lucky escape!

    There's no emergency lane? Damn.

    Once i had the girlfriend on the back and ran out of fuel on a bridge. Only took 10 seconds for me to realise and switch to reserve with one car coming which change lanes but whoa was i scared of being rear ended!
  12. OMG I hate going through there in a car!!
    Glad you able to get to a safe spot and help.
    Will remind hubby next time he goes through on his bike!
  13. No reserve tank?
  14. Hi ,

    I was riding on reserve :LOL: !!! I was confused which way arrow should be placed for reserve.

    & there is no emergency line in the tunnel.
  15. I thought there are emergency phones on both sides of the tunnels?? and there is also only three lanes!!

    You would've been talking to someone in the City Link Control Room (just outside the city end of the tunnels) and the pause would've been him fiddling with the remote cameras finding you and the bike to work out what was going on in there.

    Good to see you got through this in one piece and like Vic I'm wondering about the 15 minute delay BUT the IRV's could've been busy on other breakdowns.

    Helpful suggestion if anyone else gets caught in a similar break down, leave the bike lights on (indicators or hazards would be good and as close to the wall as you can and then get away from the bike and head in the direction the traffic is coming from to the nearest emergency phone (you can go further away to another phone if you feel you're still too close.

    That way if something hits the bike nothing can hit you if the vehicle hitting the bike has already gone past you. There are also refuges and link tunnel doors you can hide in if required.

    Also stay up on the walkway and don't wave a warning to approaching traffic, let them see the bike they have to avoid and not you waving from a safe location.

    Next time you are going through the tunnel slowly (traffic) have a good look around and familiarise yourself with the layout and safety facilities in there.
  16. Thnx Pvda ,

    Emergency phone was next to me , but it was to dangeros to stay where i was , so i decided to run the other way .

    Yes i think now it was only 3 lines , they closed left line after only 5 min . I recon the guy who was responsible for that side of the tunnel went for a crap :LOL: .

    Plus good thing was no trucks where behind me then i have stopped otherwise situation would be different .

    I am not riding through it any time soon that is for sure .

    Lucky ! they did not give me a fine :grin: .
  17. I almost had the same thing happen to me earlier in the year.

    Was riding through the domain tunnel on the way to work and the bike started spluttering... as I pulled up at the kings way intersection, she died.

    That was enough to scare the shit outa me and now i wont go near the tunnels unless I have atleast one bar on the fuel gauge (more then 50km left).

    Glad to hear you made it out ok, those tunnels can be hairy enough moving with the traffic, let alone standing still watching it pass by within inches.
  18. I dont understand how you can run ot of fuel

    Surely your parents always said Better to be safe than sorry!
  19. Did the same thing.. but I did it on purpose to see how many km's I could get from reserve. :roll: [​IMG]

    Made sure I wasent too far from home, but hey the 10L jerry is worth 1/2 a tank. :grin:
  20. Don't you ever play the "maybe one more petrol station" game?