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Burgmann 400 for a fatty?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by danceswithdingoes, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Im looking at migrating from a cruiser to a scooter and the local bike shop has a new burgmann 400 for $9400 ride away. My question is without wasting the salesman's time and an 80km round trip would the 400 drag my short 130kg frame around enough to keep up with all my bike riding mates? (110km average) thanks

  2. For $9400 I can think of a crap load of bikes that would be far far better Ding.

  3. nah rode a beemer k1 and loved the wind protection but all the tourers are too tall for my little pegs, been thinking of a maxi scoot for a while now....what are you doing here boyracer? ;)
  4. honda dn-01
  5. ME? I'm no boyracer. I've been here since 2005 and on bikes since ~1990 ;)
  6. I have a 250cc scooter and it drags my 110kg body up the highway easily at 110kph. Considering they are designed for 2up I doubt you would have any issues.
  7. How tall are you DWD? My wife is 5'2" and manages...
  8. about the same height but Im doing ballet points at standstill :)
    Luke I meant what were you doing reading the 'scooter section' :angel:
    the DN01 is a lovely bike but cant find one locally ](*,)
  9. I'm not in the scooter section ;) Just hitting "new posts".