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Burgman 400 or Yamaha Majesty 400? which is the better scooter?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by goddie, May 17, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I am trying to make a decision as to which direction to take regarding a scooter.
    I have read good stuu about these scoots but nobody seems to make a true like for like comparison, I want to know technical differences between the two which would help make a decision on which to buy. The other part is that affordability or lack there of means I'd be buying an 05 or 06 model.
    I have heard abs on the burgman but not sure what year that starts and is abs a huge difference on a scooter?
    I'd be commuting and some weekend riding to 'clear the head' as you do, have seen the 650 fat burger and think it might be too fat for commuting.
    any thoughts, ideas, feed backs would be appreciated, and yes I know, no more nods from bike riders goes with riding a scoot, but hey such is life :)

  2. Good to see you back, mate.

    I know nothing about scoots except a ride on a majesty confirmed that
    it is a great machine.

    Ride 'em both and then make your choice.
  3. Hi Doug, am going to hopefully have a look and ride on a yam today, only looked at bur 250 on sunday and believe they have/had split braking on left lever cover back n front ith one squeeze but think on one disc up front same as old gold wings
    hope to be down at leraners sat morn sooner rather then later :)
  4. I think personal choice. Things I look for in a scooter. 1. Light weight, 2. Good underseat storage. You want to be able to fit a helmet under there. 3. Not to wide or long as you want to be able to get through traffic comfortably.

    I have found the scooter much more comfortable for the 80km round trip commuting that I do. My current scooter Piaggio X7 weighs 160kg, 278cc (which is more than enough power for the freeways). Good under seat storage. It is able to do 120km comfortably and has 10,000km servicing intervals. Thats another thing to take into consideration is the servicing intervals. Have also found that it is much harder to lock up the brakes on a scooter than a motorbike.
  5. I told you the FJR comes in a clutchless version

    Tell the missus it's a scoot :LOL:
  6. I have to do some gym work to bear the weight of a bike again, startin new job monday so money flow will start again whoo hoo so things slowly looking up!! fingers crossed sooner rather then later will be on 2 wheels again, hate the thought of public transport.
    cheers and stay upright guys :)
  8. Re:might just be a cb900hornet instead!!

    Well after the dismal 'sold from under my feet' experience with the FZ6, I thought I'd look at the gsx650f, found 08 models with km range from under 3k to high 20k's with price difference being about a whole thousand. 'I' made up my mind about spending '$6k' on the under 3k on the clock bike but forgot to 'apply with she who must be obeyed' lol needless to say, both me and the guy selling were disaapointed with guilt etc. If you know someone chasing a gxs650, an 08 model with under 4k one owner out ringwood, I can give you Jason's contact info. Anyhoo, today sunday 5th drove to frankston to look at a cb900f an 05 model hornet, never ridden one before, twas going to be this kind of bike or suzuki gsx1400 so as you can see, upright, comfy and reliable. Went for a quick spin on the cb, she has 44k on the clock which I thought hmmm, then again a 900, should see double that without any issues.
    So looks like I have a new [second hand] bike folks, just waitng on fincaes and will collect asap.. One thing with nakeds is the bloddy wind!! This has the fly screen with does ok, maybe just a matter of getting used to being on a bike again. catch up eventually folks, firstly on sat morns I think, cheers and stay safe :)
  9. I'm no expert on scoots but not sure if either the CB900F or GSX1400 qualify as one. But if your wife asks i am willing to back you that they are :LOL:
  10. thanks Dave, must say the upright position and comfy seat made it feel like a scooter, not sure if the scooter would accelrate like it, then again I have heard stories about some bigger scoots! The wind in the face yesterday reminded me that it isnt a scoot and also reminded me what I have been missing the last 6 months! Hopefully back on the road end of this week, so will see you soon guys :)
  11. :woot:

    Congrats Goddie, that's great news!!!
    Look forward to seeing you again soon. :grin:
  12. thank you nightowl, just doing the bank paperpwork 'enquiries' got contracts with fess that werent mentioned so missus chasing that up today to get an english translation of their jibberish.
    Seems so long since riding if it wasnt a 900 I'd be putting the 'L' plates back on lol reckon a visit on sat morn will be the go and slow putt putts in the local industrial estate on quiet weekend hours to practise the slow turning. One step closer to happiness :) catch you all sooner I hope
  13. Not a bad idea to take it "slowly" when ever changing bikes, until you work out all the idiosynchrasies of the new one. Hope you are on a ride again soon. Although got some stuff happening so I am unlikely to be one on the next couple of weeks. Look forward to catching up and seeing the new scoot.
  14. Hi Dave, paperwork went back to the bank, once the ok comes through I'll be training to frankston to ride the hornet home :) will advise when that happens :) hope all's well!!