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bunny hop

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by say_wat, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. How??!!

  2. just by looking a the video i would assume it is all to do with weight trasnfer and good hp (and short gearing).

    By braking hard the front dives, then he powers on as soon as he bottoms out the front, im assuming due to the power and weight transfer the back is kind of axle tramping like a car..... but this is all a guess :LOL:

    I know rolling on the power in a light, high hp car at low speed can achieve similar things (a wheel stand, and 2% of those wheels stands the back wheels also lift off the ground for a milisecond or 2)


    P.S. that looked sweet :cool:
  3. No idea, kewl trick tho!! took me long enough to learn how to do that on a pushy!! ..
  4. he prob did it by accident....
  5. I know how to do it in theory.
  6. Clutch up real hard, which gives the front a tremendous amount of lifting rotation, then mash the rear brake, which stops the backwards rotation and sends the front wheel back downwards. The momentum of the weight of the bike is still going upwards, and in this case it seems that was strong enough to get a jump happening.

    Take a look at those incredible pictures of the GSXR1100 drag bike flipping on takeoff - the front comes up so fast it lifts the whole bike a couple metres off the ground as the bike flips - I think it's similar forces at work.

  7. That tells us so much :roll: Your always full of useful info :roll: :twisted:

    Loz thanks for the info and that photo of the gixxer is off tap :shock: :grin: (imagine the pain :LOL: )

  8. eric whitcomb has been bunny hopping over people lying on the ground, on a 636! he says he does it with a power wheelie strong enough to give the front wheel momentum to keep lifting by itself then chops the throttle hard... which somehow causes the back tyre to lift. rear brake and body language helps apparently. when i try it, it just looks like i suck at wheelies. :(

    edit found video and pics

  9. That is some crazy shit. No way in a million years would you get me lying down under a bunny-hop.

    /but then, I'm taller lying down than standing up

    //depending on what I'm reading at the time...

  10. The menu???! lolllolloooolololo
  11. :LOL:

    Dear god, is that a thigh or a bollock?
  12. COOL

    That is cool - It's giving me bad ideas :p

    and for the Gixxa
    is there a video of that???
  13. Ah, bugger, looks like that gallery might be taken down or something.
  14. Dam, oh well thanks for replying so quick