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Bundy's charity run bites the dust.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kermie, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]


  2. grrrrrrrrr that fukcen makes me mad, assholes
  3. Dirty self-serving RTA bastards.

    What rock do these scum grow under?
  4. Wow I cant believe that he actually rides with his dog. That is the cutest thing
  5. 8-[ Tex & Bundy let us know who you want pested
  6. I alerted T&B to the change in the laws a while back... it was only a matter of time before some pencil dick collared him. :( What a crock.
  7. It was only a matter of time before the Law was applied, no matter how noble Tex's intentions.
  8. when i was a kid our pet dog Billy (fox terrier) used to ride every where with dad on his bike. Billy wasn't a scared tank dog either he sat on the pillion seat like any other passenger and dad could still corner Billy would adjust and step around on the seat. he only fell off once but that was when dad went over one of the honda civic speed bumbs and dad fell off too.

    Billy loved the bike that much that when dad put his lid on the dog would jump up on the seat before he could get his chin strap done up.
  9. I cant delete
  10. Heard on the radio that the Roads Minister has requested an exeption be drafted up for him to sign off on regarding Tex & Bundy because of the amount of charity work they've done.
    They're waiting for the "Road Safety Experts" to get back to them and advise whether or not the dog should be "chained to the bike" (his words).
  11. Wtf you go out of your way too help people and you get punished
    Wtf is wrong with this country
  12. Bundy isn't just a "scared tank dog". Bundy loves it!

    You ever met the two of them? Or just don't know what you're talking about?
  13. The law has been in place for a while now and we all know that some knob jockey is going to find a way to raise their quota for the day. Pretty pathetic to actually be charged with this but the law is there that allows a mobile revenue raiser to perform their "duty".

    It's a sad day to see it happen and really hope Tex & Bundy get the exemption the minister is talking about but suspect the initial fine will stand.
  14. Thats pretty rotten!

    But I do agree that the dog should not be harnessed to the bike. If they did have an accident it would be better for the dog to be able to have a chance to jump free, rather than be dragged along the road cause it's tethered to the bike.
  15. Let's lighten up on the cop a little. He's paid to enforce the law, and that's what he did. Let's have a look at the law, and whether we really need that particular law.
  16. Or they could just admit it was a stupid, venal law and get rid of it.
  17. He has discretion to not enforce the law. The **** should dragged into court and be NAMED and SHAMED.
  18. here's to hoping they get an exemption. cute dog too.
  19. Yeah **** the police. They can choose to let off some p plate wanker with a warning who then goes on to kill himself and his mates, but they can't turn a blind eye to this.

    Here's to karma, his will come.