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Bundy is getting a new 'Busa!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by motoplast, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. I have taken the plunge and bought another bike, a new K8 limited edition Suzuki Hayabusa, I take delivery of it this coming Wednesday.
    Although the bike will be registered it will not be "Wet Up" ie; it will not be pre delivered. The reason for this is I want to personalise this bike before I ride it. My intention is after I unload the bike from the ute and wheel it inside my workshop, I will do a photo' strip down, nothing to drastic, just remove the fairings, exhaust system, wheels, screen, etc then put it back together, after the wheels have been painted & polished, fit a new TriForce full titanium exhaust, double bubble screen, pick up knobs, power commander, Air brush work of Bundy's face on the sides of the fairing etc etc. This will be over a few day's and I will post it up on "Modifications and Projects" section. We will run the bike in on my Dyno' with a full explanation on the why's and how's of doing the break in procedure this way. No, the bike is not going to be raced, it will be my main bike for the promotional and charity work that Bundy & I do, of course that depends if we are successful in getting an exemption from the powers to be at the RTA over their ridiculous laws Re: Animals on Bikes.
    Bundy has given the "paws up" for this project. The L.E. is predominantly white, not my favourite colour, however, Bundy is a very dark Blue Heeler and she will stand out more on a white background!
    We will start on the evening of Wed 02 July. There are a couple of other NR members who are providing their time and expertise on this project and we will be available for Q&A. Enjoy.

    Tex & Bundy

  2. Congrats tex looking forward to reading about it!

    P.S Will be coming to see you in a couple weeks about a power commander as discussed. Cheers Dave.....
  3. Tex,

    I like you.
    I think your canine companions are incredibly cool and are wonderful tar-siblings to us all.
    But rules is rules.

    Please post some pictures.

    I don't want to have to get nasty :grin:
  4. Congrats Tex, looking forward to seeing the bike when its sprayed and finished ..

    Good luck with the RTA hope it works out.
  5. So you getting the bike forklifted onto your ute still in the big box?

    Look forward to this one :cool:
  6. G'day Alex, no mate, it has been assembled so it could be on the showroom floor, but it hasn't been wet up yet. If bikes had feelings, this particular one should be feeling nervous!! :LOL:
    Need to chat Re: Monday week!

    Tex & Bundy
  7. :grin: Sounds awesome. I love the bussas and i know they are not everyones prefered choice but i was super close to ordering one :wink: love the limited white. I sat on one at Melbourne bike show last year and the physical size of the bike intimidated me. in the end went for the k7 gsxr 1000 :LOL: look foward to regular updates :)
  8. congats guys.....can't wait to see the pics
  9. Aaaahhh Tex, so you will be the first bloke to get this one wet?
  10. I spose someone had to say it :LOL: :p
  11. Hayabusas, the last resort for grown men with a constant, overwhelming urge to scare the shit out of themselves.

    a necessary addition to ANY bike collection.

  12. Your a sick man however I appreciate it!! :LOL: :LOL: Besides if I don't get it wet some other NR (Bob59 in particular! :LOL: )will.\

    Tex & Bundy
  13. Saw a LE busa on saturday, looks the goods. White is 'in' at the moment, goes very well with the red glyph. Looking forward to seeing the writeup!

    Can I have your old one? :LOL:

    - Halfabusa phiz
  14. Congrats, enjoy!
  15. What's the beef with the RTA? Is it technically not allowed to ride with a dog on the tank?

    Sounds like quite a project.
  16. From 1st July its illegal due to new laws being introduced, for apparently no reason.
  17. Hmm loox like tex owns the Next set of Nipple Pink rims heyyyy :p :LOL:
  18. Tex, I think that one your mates might fancy you.
  19. :LOL: Yeah, he's only human! whoa, hang on, he's my painter.!
    Nipple pink hey Bob, it won't match my jacket! :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy
  20. Rog, I think your manlove jealous !