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Bunbury 2 Bunbury Via Australia - Endurance Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by b2bva, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. i am considering undertaking a Endurance like trip departing Bunbury Western Australia and go clockwise around australia arriving back in bunbury. now i am a very very green bike rider. i am giving myself a time frame of 4 years to achieve getting hold of a r1200gs Adventure BMW Endurance Bike and actually getting my motorbike licence.

    now for all you veterans out there i konw you are laughing, but is see this as a comming of age challenge. my main point is that as there are all of you out there that have been doing this probably longer than i have been alive and any pointers or suggestions you have on how i can achieve this would be great. i have a web page that is documenting my undertaking www.travishoult.com, take a look, the page is under refinement but hopefully will explain abit about my dream.

    i am only looking for positive feedback not negative. this is a challenge to prove ones character and abilitys to ones self.


  2. Nothing wrong with having a dream b2bva. :) Looks like a berloody good one too.

    No one's going to laugh at you here, simply because there's nothing amusing about your proposal. :)

    Go for that licence - get that bike and go for it! Don't let anything stop you. :grin: Don't put it off...next thing you know it'll be 4 yrs time and you'll still be talking about getting your licence and going on this trip one day. Hell..you could die next week. So go for it!

    Lots of folk here to give advice. I also recommend you read the Roads, Touring diaries section of the forum to get ideas/inspiration. :)

    All the best and please keep us updated on your 'quest'.

    BTW, how old are you, if you don't mind me asking. :)

  3. thanks rosie for your words of encouragement,

    im 23 y/o, and ready to take on the challenge.

  4. Sounds like alot of fun. I'd love to do some long treks around aus and will do so.. later.. :cool:

    Something not mentioned on your list of things to do on the site is learning some mechanical skills if you haven't already. IMO vital if you're gonna do your trip, I'd want to be very thrifty and basically an unofficial bike mech before heading off :) Good luck !
  5. Now, my young friend, you need to talk to Davo in Brisbane, search the userlist, he's a long distance ride specialist, and if you pick his brain you'll shortcut your learning curve by a couple of years at a minimum!!! Good Luck!
  6. Just for info Paul I emailed the lad and we have exchanged info, gave him somethings to consider. Doing a loop of Aust should be on everyones list of must do's before they go tripping about the rest of the world.
  7. see, Netrider, Connecting Riders :wink: \:D/
  8. Hey b2bva! Im in Bunno, doing b2bva anticlockwise later this year :) I only just saw this thread :) When you plannng on leaving? If you wanna catch up some time and compare notes, can do.

    Jill (got my GSXR600 now, that'll be doing the trek)