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Bumping/Rubbing sound at <20kph

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Smokae, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Whenever I sit on my bike or stand on the pegs, I can both hear a bumping/rubbing sound and to a minor degree, feel it in my handlebars. I ride a CBR600F4, 2000 model.

    It is VERY audible even under my helmet and with a hoodie on! I can't believe the mechanics whom recently serviced it did not pick up on the sound, until I realised just now, it only occurs when I am applying weight to the pegs or sitting on the seat.

    Jumping on the pegs, or heavily planting myself down on the seat, I can hear a slight bump/rub sound. I figure the mechanics looked a lot lighter than me, I'm 82-86kg whilst wearing my gear. They looked a good 10kg lighter than me.

    Now it sounds like the sound and the main vibratings are somewhere around the pegs. I don't get any vibrations or noise moving the bike backwards, only forwards.

    I've looked around to see if the chain is rubbing on anything and for the life of me I can't find a thing wrong.

    I can't hear anything at a high speed and so yeah, I'm a bit concerned as I do a fair bit of filtering.

    Is it something to be concerned with? I've had the wheel bearings replaced, the pads seem fine. It's got me a bit worried because I can feel the ever so faint vibration in the handlebars, which suggests to me either I have incorrectly identified the source in the rear to be actually in the front, or worse, it's travelling through the frame and something is rubbing extremely badly through the entire length of the bike.

    I'd take it to the mechanics but I'm desperately low on cash right now after a service and bad regulator :(
  2. It's the sound of the of your bike, groaning in desperation as it can't take your immense weight.

    But seriously it sounds like some of the rubber bushes around the swingarm may be shagged, how many kms has the bike done?
    Another thing to look at is the tyre pressures especially the rear, check and see if your front tyre is scalloped, check chain tautness, see if you get shuddering during braking and check to see if your wheels are balanced.

    Sound coming near the pegs may also indicate chain and sprockets worn.
  3. Chain & Sprockets are new.

    I'll do the tyre pressure and check back.

    I'll read up on this rubber bushes, it makes sense, because the bike has 80,000kms on it.

    I will check the chain tension. It seems similar this thread too!;


    I have a workshop manual for my bike, I hope I can do this.


    Thanks for your suggestion, might this "swingarm bushes" have a different name?

    I can't find them here: http://www.wemoto.com/bikes/Honda/CBR_600_FY/00/