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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by minglis, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. This was an interesting article:


    A couple of things about this article:

    First, how is this about cyber bulling??? they keep referring to it.

    Second, glad the kid stuck up for himself. There may be further repercussions for him, but, it's a start

    Third, I can't believe the crap they were spouting saying that violence is never the answer, there are other ways to deal with bullying etc... SO STOP (*&^ING TALKING ABOUT IT AND DEAL WITH IT!! They were saying that he's been the victim of bullying for a while. If it was dealt with, then he wouldn't need to do anything. But when a little turd is standing there punching you in the face, what the hell else can you do about it?
  2. It's cyberbullying because the little twat that filmed it then puts it up on youtube for all the other little twats to view, unfortunately it backfired for them in this case.
  3. yeah, I get that that's what they were planning, but, I would certainly think this is more just plain bullying than cyber bullying. He's being physically attacked rather than being attacked via some form of social media. While they may then ALSO use this later to 'cyber bully' him, that's not what's happened here. It's like they've just picked up their new favorite pet word and run with it.
  4. And man what a backfire!!! That little prick will never bother him again, in fact I doubt anybody will.
  5. I fully support self defence to the extent that it is allowed by law. If a person is being physically attacked, they should not be expected to take a beating. Its not ideal, and attempts should be made to defuse the situation through non-violent means (see organisations such as the AVP for tools/skills), but a person who is being assaulted should have the option of defence.

    It should be perfectly acceptable to choose not to respond violently (in other words, it should not be expected or encouraged), but that should be an individual choice, not mandatory.

    If I had a child who was being bullied, I would educate them on the relevant laws, make sure they properly understand, and do the same for how bullying should be handled (making use of whatever the school has in place, telling parents, etc.). That way it would hopefully be sorted out the right way, but the child would know when to stop (and when not to start) if hitting people came into play.

    Also, by establishing the other party as having a history of bullying, it facilitates the defence of one's actions.
  6. We saw this on Facebook on Sunday night, one of Wifes friends was the original Poster of the video, She said the larger Child is a gentle Giant (and best friends with her son) he has been Bullied for years and taken all the abuse, he was considered an easy target around the school, well, finally he just snapped!
    She said she had to watch it a few times because she just couldn't believe what she was seeing, it's just so out of Character for him, but she said she supports him 100%.
    (Facebook has since removed the Video and the Posting and asked her not to put it up on the site again)
    Apparently he was Suspended and the other Child (The Bully) was not, since the release of the Video the truth has come out and apparently a number of other children have also been suspended.

    No one is going to be picking on this kid anymore! Good on him I say!
  7. No that's not true; late yesterday afternoon it was stated that the subject of the bullying was suspended for 4 days, and the bully for 20 days

    The real problem is that the official education dept policy on bullying is to help the victim cope with the abuse; there is nothing they can do about the bully because their hands are hamstrung with red-tape and political correcteness

    as to the idiotic PC matra "violence is never a solution", you can bet that our latest hero, and many others like him, who've put up with garbage from bullies for years and finally lowered the boom on them, disagree entirely :LOL:
  8. Yeah, but if people do that, they won't be holding it in unhealthily until they end up shooting someone. Which a lose for our poor ol' media industry :(.

    Oh won't somebody thing of the profits?!

  9. Wow.
    Are you taking the piss or deadset removed from reality?
  10. I'm an idealist and a pragmatist, with both a tendency to overestimate humans and towards cynicism. So the latter. Often the former, too. Not to mention the third/fourth option.

    What I said boils down to:

    *One should try to prevent/avoid/defuse incidents, if possible (prevention as opposed to cure, and all that). There are a variety of ways to do this, disregarding the wanky stuff of dubious benefit (AVP is an example that doesn't fall into the latter category; it was developed in prisons at the request of prisoners. Escape is another).
    *People should be allowed to defend themselves if attacked (who here is going to disagree with that?).
    *As a minor tangent, it should be culturally acceptable to not fight, if that is one's choice (a matter of freedom).

    *Teach the kid not to dig 'imself a hole (attacking a bully is a no-no, tempts fate to have a teacher see it and not all the crud said bully has given the other child).
    *Teach the kid to use the system for his/her own benefit (why not?).

    The details are dependant on the age and the individual.

    If you tell me why I am wrong, I may change my mind.
  11. a friend told me today, "don't start something and there won't be nothing".

    I have very little sympathy for the instigator and his ankle. And hopefully this will be a new beginning for the bigger kid - with any luck people won't pick on him as much.

    (on the other hand it could make things worse now it has national exposure).
  12. What do I care if you change your mind?
  13. Best possible result, in many ways. The (former) victim should be proud of himself. Not so the school.

    I've seen schools where anti bullying campaigns have worked beautifully. And I've seen others where the staff hide in the lunch room in case they see something that they might be forced to act on.
  14. Seemed like the body slam was much more than was required at the time, seeing the video I was concerned the body slam could have had serious repercussions.

    However we don't know the extend and history of bullying and beat downs the Bigboy had received up to this point. Poor BigBoy was punched twice in the face, and had his arms up as to gesture he doesn't want trouble, younger kid thought he was all tough and mighty, probably with mates onlooking and backing up.

    Well he copped it hard, full body slam. I'd say the BigBoy has the right to defend himself, when your in that situation you do what you feel you can to protect yourself, and i guess for him it was a body slam.

    I agree we should not encourage violence, but end of the day if that is the only form of protection you have because they wont listen to reason. Then so be it.
  15. Good on the bigger boy for standing up for himself. He puts up with a few punches and doesn't retaliate whilst a little punk bounces around goading him...
    Did he really expect to win a fight with someone that much bigger than him? Idiot.

    Intelligent discussion on interwebs = fail.
  16. Dude, This is where parents fail.. You're trying to instill adult concepts and reasoning/thinking onto kids. Wrong. You need to adapt your thinking and logic which is easily understood and effective for young brains...
  17. I have full respect for the victim in this case. The big guy could have easily laid in the boot or given the weed a good stomping, but showed not further agression toward the little punk. He knew he'd done enough to put a stop to the fight. One swift action, grab, slam, over. All in the act of self-defence. He showed patience too. I think it shows his character, he isn't a natural agressive kid, nor someone who would cause harm unneccesarily. But violent and strong enough to say enough is enough.

    I hope this sends a strong message to all the fvckwit bullies out there.
  18. I did say the specific depend on the individual. The depth that you can go into depends a lot on age and other factors. But concepts like "Don't start it, don't hurt anyone more than you need to" are pretty easy to get across.

    I do get quite irritated when parents try overly talky stuff with their offspring when their response should be a straightforward, "No. Stop that." or equivalent. And there's certainly stuff that's beyond them. But there's also stuff that's within their capabilities.

    I had in mind teenagers when I wrote my preceding posts, and not all of it was intended as stuff to be passed on to children -- I wouldn't expect a fourteen year old to care much about wider sociological concepts, and would probably lack the skills and maturity required for many nonviolent ways of dealing with stuff.

    And have I mentioned that I have an idealistic streak?

    And its more or less the sort of response I'm talking about.

    Apologies if any of this doesn't quite fit together smoothly, I'm a bit brain-tired right now.