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bullies, trolls and faceless cowards

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by sbb, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. gerneral discussion seemed the best spot for this as relates closely to the crap we cop..

    this is to a link to a blog on crikey http://blogs.crikey.com.au/northern/2012/09/10/vale-vikki-riley-a-beautiful-woman-lost-and-still-the-trolls-come-out-to-play/?wpmp_switcher=mobile

    is about a cyclist but a lot of stuff is common to what motorcyclists get rubbish about. clearly the person gets lost in this faceless age. this isnt about being soppy and soft, is just about genuine respect.


    i am all for htfu .. when it comes to pushing ourselves to get over crap, riding harder, generally getting on and having fun an ditching excuses.

    not for the current push for victims of online bullying to be told to just harden up and get over it.

    riders as a minority group out here on the road have to cop this crap. thought it is a good reminder to think before giving it back .. to anyone as well.

    can be better than that.

    finally, maybe more motivation to do something about the crap all two wheel folk have to put up with.

    anyway .. htfu and have fun :)

  2. Those post were made by fellow australians
    - jees they can be embarassing pricks sometimes

    Sad story
  3. If only more people would just post pictures of cats in argyle sweaters instead.
  4. Makes you want to buy a gun
  5. Fixed it for ya
  6. Schoolyard bullying usually ends once school is over, you go to your house they go to theirs. Online bullying can be 24/7. On the other hand, schoolyard bullying is difficult to get away from (you have to go to school), but there is the possibility that you can avoid online bullying.

    What's the solution? Perhaps the solution lies in the very saying often associated with trolls: do not feed them. Something else which came up on a recent discussion on this topic on QanA is relevant too: don't waste energy on negative things.

    However, I am aware that these can be very difficult to do and focus more on the target than the perpetrator.
  7. They've always been there mate and always will, they just have never had a voice or anyone to listen. The down side of this new social media thing is that even the biggest wankers get airtime.....look at us.
  8. If you don't have anything nice to say, say it online...
  9. I've got to admit I have trouble understanding how or why these people take it to heart in the extreme manner that they do. So what if some un named faceless person that you're never going to actually meet or come face to face with says some shit about you out in cyberspace. Who really cares? I personally reckon it's more a reflection on both parties involved. One is pretty weak cause they wouldn't say what they type face to face, and the other is weak for letting it get to them. All this talk about trying to control it smacks of more political correctness to me. If someone calling you names on the internet is stressing you that badly, I hate to tell you this, but you're going to have a pretty tough life if you can't get over that minor hurdle.
  10. School bullying is a difficult one given the impressionable age of the kids and authoritive nature of the teachers.
    "You are there to learn, not socialize" worked for me, but Im a bit of a prick.

    The internet has always been a free for all and should stay that way.

    The internet: where the men are men, the women are men and the hot teenage girls are FBI agents.
  11. I would rather have a thousand people wishing ill upon me than a single law saying they cannot.

    Or, as I said after that sissy NRL player got all butthurt on the weekend:

    "I'd rather have someone fuсk my mother's corpse than a law against saying he wants to"

    Freedom of speech must be defended, always. Actually I guess we'd need to have it before we can defend it, but you get the point
  12. I'm not convinced that the comments in that article are bullying or trolling. Well maybe the "100 points" one.

    Most of the comments are people expressing their opinion. The conversation in the comments led to cyclists and people who don't like cyclists on the road voiced their opinion. Were they trying to upset the people involved? I doubt it. Were they arguing with the cyclists on the forum? Far more likely.

    I don't agree with the comments at all. But just because I don't agree with them does not make them bullies. Accusing people of bullying for voicing an opinion contrary to yours can be just as bad.
  13. A commonly employed Left-wing tactic.
  14. In my experience sites where unpleasant crap occurs tend to have a short half life or are in decline.I was just about to name a couple of bike sites that came close to disappearing up there own freckle but I just remembered there response to any opinion not approved off and came to my senses.And thats why they are in decline.Whack everybody you disagree with and your soon on your own marvelling at how cleaver you are.
  15. Or, the flavour of the month, calling people trolls.
  16. A commonly employed tactic by all sides of politics. Mostly used by people who fail to understand the other sides point of view at all.
  17. One of those strange things just happened...

    I agree with grue.:eek:
  18. It is funny to watch the mainstream media try and explain what an "internet troll" is.

    What they fail to mention is that they're something that only exists because electronic media makes it all too easy for people to react to something before they've had time to actually understand it. For pointing out this failing in modern society they should be commended.
  19. Oh, I don't think it's that they don't understand other points of view; it's more about them simply wanting to shut down the conversation and ensure that any other point of view is never heard.

  20. Not necesarrily, it more often then not gets the other point of view a lot more media attention.

    Lets take the life span of homosexuals thing which is happening at the moment. Something very stupid was said by a prominent figure, it wasn't meant to be offensive but it was based on some really poor research and completely untrue. The christian lobby guy probably believed it and said it to support his cause. The other side said it was offensive and this resulted in massive amounts of media attention.

    Saying something is bullying or offensive rarely shuts down the other side at all.