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Bullet Bikes Mackay?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by jlyon9, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Anyone had experience or know of any experiences with these guys, I'm eyeing up a blade they have.
    I've never bought from a dealer because of the extra 1-2k they put on top of what you could get going private, but I am really keen for a yellow blade and they are scarce on bike sales + i really need a new bike asap.
    I'm in brissy and would fly up to pick it up.

  2. i was up there and went to that store at chrissy, lots of dirt bikes but not much road. Have a mate up there who can check it out if your still keen on it.
  3. Ben, thanks mate. I'm definately keen. I might even try and get up there this weekend, see how it goes, but I'll call them tomorrow and see if they will take what I'm offering, I'll let you know. Cheers.
  4. the problem with bullet bikes is it's in a mining town where everything is overpriced because people can afford it
  5. Forgotten has a point, every thing there was 10 to 40 % more then brissy.

    good example, is motol road lube here it is 20 up there it 30 .
  6. I did my Qride with the guy that Bullet Bikes recommended and he was great.
    His name is Brett Hoskin from Learn2ride I think the website is www.learn2ride.net.au. He Made me feel right at home while doing the course but made me work hard for every exercise and he didnt tick me off untill I did the right way over and over again. I learnt heaps. And would recommend him to anyone. I also recommend Bullet Bikes for telling me to go to a good instructor...I didnt get a bike from them because I already had one given to me so I cant comment on the bike costs but most things are comparable with the rest of the state above Bundaberg..