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Bull Terrier doesn't know when to quit

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Cripeys... don't mess with porcupines...

    "Somewhere out there is a naked Porcupine.
    Inca apparently did not know when to quit when she encountered the porcupine on Victoria Day, May 23rd. These are the pictures the vet sent before the long (and expensive) procedure to remove the quills. She had thousands of quills, and her tongue was so covered, she could not close her mouth.

    It was pretty scary at first. She is doing okay now, but looks like a World War III survivor as they had to cut some out in places, stitched between her toes, and many quills bled on removal. There are still quills buried in her, but they should work their way out over time (I pulled four more today).
    She is on antibiotics and pain meds and thankfully is doing quite well."


  2. sweet robot jesus... that is so bad.
  3. Yeah that happened a year or few back.

    I wonder how the poor doggy is now?

    I wonder if it learned its lesson?
  4. sweet mother of jesus!!!!! :shock: :shock: that is so .......um i dunno! that dog is one mad bugga! my dads old cattle dog used to bale em up but never actually attacked em. that is crazy!
  5. Poor Bugger.

    I got a staffy bull terrier and he never gives up when he has something baled up either. They're all mad.
  6. They had that photo in ZOO mag recently with the caption

    "Got the little Prick!!"
  7. yeah, that was ages ago. I got a bully x, yep, they're crazy! ](*,)
  8. bull terriers have an 'off' switch to pain when fighting. they're the only species i know of that has it
  9. I can feel the pain now! :shock:

    Hope the dog healed from those prickly things!! :eek:
  10. sorry, i meant to say 'breed'.

    i want to see the other guy :LOL: i bet your dog does too :grin:

    arh, that was mean! i hope he gets better. be sure to put your knives pointy end down when you load the dishwasher.
  11. Saw that picture a while bak & LMAO.
    Seeing it again I still have the same reaction, it's like Bart w the cup cake. (I don’t particularly like the Simpson’s & have only seen 3 episodes, the cup cake episode being one of them) Other morbid funny things come to mind, but probably wld’nt be so funny to the majority of other readers, so I’ll just leave it at that.
  12. ha ha! that is funny! you didnt even have to say it :LOL:
  13. That sort of dumb arse stupidity reminds me of my old bully, Max. RIP. :cry: