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Bull-It Vectran Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BrooklynCrook, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I need another pair of jeans for commuting, came across this new brand at Joe's Motorcycle's the other day - 'Bull-It Covec Jeans'.

    The advertising was quite impressive, claims they're stronger than kevlar jeans and I've just found a pair on brookys.com.au (a sign?) for less than what I am looking at paying for another pair of Sartso's...

    They're more comfortable than kevlar's too, they seem a bit softer. They even have a black cargo that a bloke could easily get away with wearing during the work day as well, which I thought was good. Never went much on the camo cargo's Draggin Jeans sell. Maybe there is a female black cargo available, that would be good...

    I digress.

    What I am pondering is... how can something better than kevlar... be cheaper than kevlar?

    I just want to know if anyone has them, knows of them, does/ doesn't reccomend them... I'm all but sold on them, but skeptical of new products on the market claiming to be 'better' yet being cheaper..

    The Bull-It's are $180 and Sartso's were $230 when I bought them last and Draggin's are over $150 from memory...

    Any info would be greatly loved.

  2. "better" in what ways?
    I had never heard offer it but from what I just read they use Vectran which is sometimes coated with Polyurethane "to improve abrasion resistance".
    So while the strength might be greater it needs that bit extra for abrasion resistance. End result is really all that matters.
    You'd probably end up with protection that is a mix of fibres.
    Buy a pair and drag them behind a truck alongside a pair of kevlars and you'll soon find out which holds up better.
  3. The other half already thinks I'm nuts. I don't need to prove his theory :rofl:

    Better as in they're supposedly the strongest you can buy...


    Read on for claims of innovation, sheep-like accusations and multi syllable names of special fibres...

    I'm impressed, but am also GenY, and we thought planking was cool.
  4. Strength might not be the most important factor. Abrasion resistance might be as critical as strength provided the strength is sufficient to hold them together. Then there are considerations of how strongly it is held to the jeans themselves.
    You'll get a ton of different fibres out there all claiming to be "better" than the rest in one way or another.
    As far as jeans go I think you just can't expect them to go too far at all or they won't be jeans. They are a major compromise.
    Having said that I'm in Motolegion jeans now for a ride because it is just too damn hot in anything else I have. The jeans will be ok after a splash of water while hosing.

    Give them a go if you like them for sure but I'd rather make sure the coverage of whatever the abrasion protection is is adequate and you have provision for knee and hip armour or use it otherwise than think you might be riding with some "superior" fibre.
  5. A bit of a search to find some more info and testimonials other than the amateurish blurb on the company's pages has yielded (among other things):

    "The United States Department of Homeland Security is sponsoring development of an inflatable plug made of Vectran to prevent flooding in the New York City Subway and other transportation tunnels..."

    So it's good for giant buttplugs, which might explain Julia's last visit to the U.S.


    "I was wearing kevlar cargo pants when I fell on the road trying to catch my vespa."

    Despite getting sidetracked, it seems any motorcycle press about how well the products actually work is scarce at this point. Testimonials I found were along the lines of: "They look nice, but the velcro pocket flaps for stopping your wallet falling out might be deal-breaker for some people."

    The material might be excellent, but doesn't necessarily mean the end result is as good as that of the more experienced companies in this field.

    They seem to be made out to be more stylish and less like bikewear, which might be a plus (as well as fit and comfort in some cases), but it might also mean less protection across the wider range of crash scenarios.

    The pitch might also be that "better" material in a certain context, or even outright, means you can have lighter, more stylish jeans. The Hipster crowd might love that, but I'd be inclined to want to know more than what all the slagging off of the competition tries to nudge me towards thinking about the well established brands.
  6. I want to see someone wearing it and being dragged along the quarter mile or burnout pad, much like what Draggin did with theirs.
  7. Better still, an American Idol smackdown segment where Mariah Carey gives Ninni McSpadge a pair of Vectran-lined MC Hammer pants, then Keith Urban gallops past on a horse, lassoos her and drags her off down the road.
  8. More elaborate then what I was thinking, but that should do the trick
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    Last edited: Jun 1, 2013
    I see bull-it have just announced their new jeans with a covec membrane.
    Sounds interesting. Stronger, more abrasion and heat tranfer resistant and won't break down with moisture, sweat the way that they claim Kevlar does.

    Trouble is how can you tell they are better other than the manufacturer's claims?
    Perhaps one of the magazines like AMCN can chain Boris to the back of a truck and independantly test them all to give us the lowdown?
  10. For another option check out the S3 jeans on eBay. Very happy with mine for the price.
  11. I got a pair of Resolute cargo pants with armour and am very happy with the fit. Don't know if they work, hope never to find out. Ozzy company too. Great service.
  12. Just an update on these Jeans, guys. I consulted a sailmaker friend of mine (world-class) and got the following response:
    "Covec is a stronger thread at low-intensity simulations that cannot be denied - but kevlar will retain is durability at much higher stress levels which is why we use it in sails. To be honest with you, I wouldn't go near covec if you're using it for riding protection as the heat and constant abrasion from a fall at speed will tear them apart very fast.
    Hope it helps mate"