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webBikeWorld Bull-it Jeans Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Mar 13, 2015.

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    The Bull-it jeans are now distributed and sold in the U.S.A.

    Bull-it jeans feature the special Covec Ltd. abrasion-resistant non-melting "Technical Textiles" liners

    The jeans are claimed to be tested to meet CE Level 1 for the SR6 jeans.

    This makes them one of the more protective motorcycle jeans currently available.

    Bull-it jeans come in a wide variety of colors and styles. The SR6 jeans in this review (tested to a minimum of 6 seconds of abrasion resistance) include the Sidewinder; the Federal Red jeans and also the SR6 Bull-it Cargo Sahara jeans.

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  2. Was about to start a new thread but thought I'd add to this one.

    I recently bought a pair of SR6 Italian Style slim fit bull-it jeans on sale for around $170.

    Fit: The jeans are advertised as a slim fit. I'd say compared to a traditional pair of slim fit jeans (non Kevlar) that they aren't as slim. But I guess they couldn't be as they have a very thick layer of Kevlar bulking them out a little bit. I'm usually a size 32 in most brands and picked up a 32 for this too. The material around the waist is a little bit stretchy so I could have probably gone down to a 30 and been comfortable. On that note, the jeans fit, but due to Kevlar making them a bit heavier than normal, they feel as though they're falling down a fair bit. Wearing a belt fixes the issue and I always wear a belt so it's no problem....but beware if you don't like wearing a belt. The leg is a tiny bit long for me. I'm 182cm tall and the pants bunch up a little at the bottom, but nothing too bad. If you were a little shorter I'd suggest getting the short leg.

    Looks: They look a treat and certainly look more my style than the previous pair of Kevlar jeans I had.

    Comfort: These are extremely comfortable. I worre them to work last Friday and wore them around the office all day with no dramas. They can get a little warm in the heat of things, but generally they have good airflow and feel nice to wear.

    Summary: I currently have two pairs of Kevlar jeans, both being Bull-it brand. The first were too big, very baggy, but were $100 on sale. The second are these slim jeans. I'd pick the slims every time over the baggy ones. I would have liked to try a pair of draggins, but I find the idea of paying $250+ for a pair of jeans ridiculous.

    My next step is to find and buy a pair of black chinos, or something similar to wear to work and at work. I work in a fairly corporate office so most people dress in blacks (no ties etc) with dress shirts. So I'll need something that fits that bill..........better get to looking.