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Bulk Order Grip Tek Grip Covers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Krish, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. hi fellas,

    was looking into buying foam grip covers for my bike and saw that the grip puppies cost in excess of $30 incl. shipping.
    Came across an alternative brand called Grip Tek

    Turns out that a bag of 50 peices can be shipped over for $200.
    Wondering if there are enough of us to put in an order??
  2. I'd take a couple of pairs.
  3. I would take 2 pairs
  4. I could take 5 pairs if that helps.
  5. i'd probably wanna keep not more than 3 pairs...so that's 12 pairs out of the 25....hmm....might just fork out the extra moolah for a single pair....thanks for the responses all....
  6. I'm going to MotoExpo tomorrow, hopefully someone will be selling some similar ones there.
    Thanks for trying.
  7. Pussygrips look to be the same as the grip puppies - Good price too

    I have used the Grip Puppies and find that they last about a year for me, I do a lot of ks, fitting is easy with a little dish washing liquid and water in a bowl and they slip straight over your existing grips
    They are fine with heated grips but do absorb water in the rain but dry out quickly

    I have currently got Beemer Grip Buddies (Shark Skins), they are more costly but very easy to fit, tape and velcro, they do not absorb water and are fine with heated grips, I do find they feel sticky riding without gloves and they last about the same as the Grip Puppies.

    Just my opinion but given the cost I think the Grip Puppies are better value.

    Just some notes.
    Both make the standard grip a larger diameter, they both reduce vibration.

  8. I ended up picking up a pair of "Pussy Grips" from a retailer who was at Calder for the Melbourne Toy Run.
    They were $10 for a pair and are probably just the same as the grip puppies.
    Very happy.