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Bulk Oil Syndicate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Flibble, May 6, 2012.

  1. Years ago, I shared a house while I was in London. Sick of paying rip-off prices for small quantities of beer, I started a beer syndicate... Members bought 'shares' which paid for the initial purchase of a couple of slabs from Tesco. Membership entitled you to buy individual cans at cost (rounded up), while guests paid a premium price (still a bit cheaper than an individual can at the local offie).

    I reckon the same system might work for motorcycle oil. Buy in bulk (like 55 gallon drum bulk) and members could buy the 3.2 litres (or whatever) they actually need at bulk price instead of having to buy 4 litres at retail.

    The setup costs might be a stumbling block - you'd need some sort of hoist to move the drum onto the back of a ute or trailer and off again. Though perhaps something could be knocked up by someone with a welder and some scrap steel?

    Where to keep the drum is another problem, no good if it's locked in someone's shed and they are never there.

    And you'd need to decide on one (or perhaps more if enough interest?) brand(s) / spec(s)

    Plus, whoever is doing the transporting will need to be compensated for costs...

    Food for thought?
  2. the biggest problem in doing this in oz is the low population density, not to mention the high commitment it would involve, beer is consumed on a weekly or daily basis, bike oil on the other hand once or twice a year,

    I can see this working only for motorbike clubs that have a clubhouse even a semi clubhouse in somoeones backyard.
  3. how much is a drum of oil?

    keep it for a few years , be worth 10X
  4. Oil has a self life, 2-3 years if kept out of temperature changes (so no garage storage), modern oil have additives that break done rather quickly. I wouldn't be surprise if the higher end synthetic oil only have a shelf life of a 1 year or less.

    So if buying in bulk you would have to make sure you have enough demand to rotate it before its starts degrading.
  5. 55 gallons == 208 litres
    Oil change (say) 2.9 litres
    T4 (say) 71 changes out of a drum
    If you had 25 members in the syndicate, you would easily use it up in less than 18 months

    Granted, it would take some organisation though...

  6. soooooo.....netrider needs a clubhouse??
  7. Couldnt you just get everyone to pick up their allocation on the saturday after delivery. It would only be a couple of 4L containers.
  8. Multiple clubhouses at least one in each capital city.

    Now where is that lotto ticket? I know I saw it somewhere.
  9. the only way i see this working is for people to say how much oil they would like to purchase then someone going and getting a big drum and then everyone doing a big meet up and filling up their oil and paying in the money.

    Gulf western oils out west can do it i think, nswriders used them to do a group buy i think.
  10. You could start with a smaller syndicate and a 20 litre drum. You will still probably save.
  11. Are you offering your place?
  12. If you're only changing your oil once or twice a year, you're not riding enough!

    I'd like to be a part of such a syndicate, but the cost of getting to Brisbane would outweigh the savings, so its up to the city slickers.
  13. LOL!!!

    I love a laugh first thing on a Monday morning and THAT'S some of the funniest drivel I've seen on the internet in weeks.

    Well done!
  14. The problem won't be getting enough people… the problem will be getting enough people who all need the same oil
  15. group buy on a house in cowan right next to old road.
  16. Why is it funny? Look in the major oil company's literature most of them recommend using oil within 2-3 years of storage, i don't think these guys would muck around.

    Don't most car manufactures also recommend changing the oil every 6 months weather you drive the car or not? Oil degrades its a fact.

    Heres one good article i came across http://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/172/lubricant-storage-life, look at lubricating oils
  17. Well, rather than ask a journalist or well-meaning website host, why not try asking one of the actual stakeholders?


    Or even better, duck down to Repco or Burson, pick up a tub of oil and tell me what the use-by date is.

    Believe me, after working for both Penrite and Castrol, I can assure you that if it meant selling more product, the oil companies would be falling over themselves to stamp use-by dates on their packaging. The reality of course is that they don't.
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  18. Ain't that the truth? Be like trying to take a coffee order. "But my bike manual recommends 15w50, not 20w50" and so on, plus there'd be the delo faction trying to convert everyone to the dark side.
  19. Hmm, I just used that article because of its simplicity in human terms but there is stakes of information and studies out there about "shelf life" I'm not talking about "expiry date"

    I'm not going to argue with you, specially if you have worked for oil companies. Maybe its because of my engineering experience/paranoia but I would alway pick the newest oil with the lastest standard stamp and listen to the studies.
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  20. well...me n the ms's own a house in broken hill - how dedicated are you??
    could just wait til the tenants die of lead poisoning....they've survived this long though so i think you've got abit of a wait :]