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Built up grime/stains on rim

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Nugdam, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Sorry about the terrible picture. But what would you guys suggest to clean the grime off with? I tried some truck wash in warm water but didn't want to budge. Is there any decent products?



  2. Kerosene seems effective.
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  3. or petrol
    just wash off with soapy water after
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  4. WD40 is good too
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    are you sure it's not the rough cast of the alloy wheel oxidising thru the paint.??
    Also You could avoid issues if you did regular cleaning!

    But if it was me I would just use a micro fibre cloth and mr sheen.



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  6. It's the girlfriends gsxr.. somehow I get stuck cleaning it

    Not sure if its oxidised alloy or not. Seems to want to clean when I fingernail it. But like you say regular cleaning would of stopped this getting so bad.
  7. Hahaha ... You could try wax and grease remover that's safe . But don't use to powerful solvent as you will take the paint off!!

    When I stripped the paint off my gsxr wheels above. The rough cast centre section was the hardest part to strip.
  8. I always use WD40 on my wheels. Whole lot less smelly than Kero.

    But hey, If you've ever seen Nick gsxr750Nick gsxr750 's wheels, he knows what he's talking about :)
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  9. Wheelsniffer.
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    No dirt or chain lube stick to my wheels :)
  11. Use acetone if you feel brave and impatient. Its usually fine on paint actually.
  12. White spirits (dry cleaning fluid) works pretty well to dissolve most gum type deposits.
    Definitely agree with Nick though on the microfibre cloth.
    Best thing to clean with without scratching.
  13. Just make sure non of it washes onto the rubber...otherwise it could be a very fun first turn!
    I just use wheel/brake cleaner spray and the scrubby brush or kero soaked cloth if I'm lazy.
  14. +1 kero on a cloth
  15. ... I am a little wary about this... There are any number of things which can act like a solvent and help get nasty poop off a rim, but many of them, (probably most), you really don't want anywhere near your brake disk. For example, you can use WD-40 (or RP7 or similar) but you spray it on a cloth, and then you wipe that on the rim, being very careful about not letting flaps of cloth that have WD on them get anywhere close to that brake disk...

    Take it from an old fool, you get a heavy duty lubricant, like chain lube, onto a brake disk, and no amount of solvent or brake cleaner or emery paper will ever get that disk right again. Light lubricants can sometimes be burned off a brake on a car, by just riding the brake for a while, but that doesn't work terribly well on a motorbike...

    I would recommend petrol or metho, but on a cloth. Be careful how you handle it and what you wipe it on. You don't want it on your brakes and you don't want it on your tyres either...
  16. WD Make a product call "Specialist, Fast Acting Citrus Degreaser" available at Bunnings. It smells like oranges and comes out as a foam.
  17. Wouldn't mogul chain clean help on the wheel grim as well?
  18. Wax and grease remover