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Building a race bike - MV F3 RC and others

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by GeorgeO, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Hi there

    For those interested - very interesting thread on the MVAgusta.net site on someone building a race F3 800 RC

    F3 RC Race Build - MVAgusta.net

    You have to admire dedication to the cause and the engineering going into this one.

    Also learning a lot about rear suspension linkages!

    Got me thinking - is there any other threads on the 'interwebs' of similiar projects? I love to be a fly in the wall and watch the progress.
  2. You have to love Yankee motorcycle racers: some of them have so much money there's nothing that can't do.....
  3. The Speedzilla site used to have lots similar with 4 valve Ducatis, there was a shop doing a lot of group buy stuff, mag swingarms and then going to the quicker fork offset,Ci wheels are a must, even with a few exploding but then the shop imploded, partnership issues. There tech stuff was very interesting. The yanks love spending mega bucks on there toys, it has its pleasures. In the vintage race world making your own is all thats available. BTW that Myers bloke mentioned is THE Ducati crank builder, or was. Thing he moved away from Ducatis
  4. I wonder what his parts bill is up to by now.....

    Crazy Americans